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  1. Thank you very much mcmxciibiz! I greatly appreciate your help and advice. Congratulations on your 81K ULOC! :-)
  2. Thank you monacho, DarnelH, and jecalderon. Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and share your experiences over this issue. What you all have shared has been very informative and educational. 🙂 Since my original post, I “think” I’m just going to rent a small office and work there part-time. That way it will make things much easier for me, and I’ll be in full compliance by business credit lenders. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about my home address popping up on the internet as being associated with my new business. During the Great Recession, I ended up having to close my business back in 2008. Yet my home address still pops-up online till this very day (2020) for my defunct business and I still get business credit card offers for my defunct business. 🙁
  3. Thank you 1PALME, I appreciate your help. I do see that there are some small credit unions in my area that offer a host of services to customers that operate a business. So I plan to check some of them out. Thanks again for your help. 🤗
  4. Hey there centex, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, I appreciate it. I'll take time out to read more of the posts regarding what other members posted, with regard to dealing with smaller local lenders. It sounds like dealing with a local smaller bank would be a good idea. For sure it will be a change, as I had only dealt with large big banks in the past. Thanks again for your help. 🙂
  5. cv91915, I did not have any particular Wells Fargo card in mind. I was just asking "in general", just to see what type of climate is out there for getting Wells Fargo credit cards. Thank you for your help.
  6. Hello Everyone, Thank you for the additional comments and feedback, I greatly appreciate what you all have shared and your help.
  7. Hello Everyone, thank you all so very much for sharing what had happened with you, with your additional feedback and comments since my last reply. Most of all, I'm so glad to hear that there is a good chance to get back in good (with the passing of time) with my old creditors, when I unfortunately had to end up defaulting on my accounts with them. Thanks again, Everyone!
  8. Hello kaylee34, thank you for the food for thought. I sincerely appreciate your help. What you have shared gives me a lot to think about going forward. Thank you very much for your help.
  9. Thank you very much 1PALME, for taking the time to read my post and share what happened to you. I'm glad that everything worked out well for you. I greatly appreciate your help, I have found what you have shared very useful.
  10. Hello, I wanted to start from scratch (on my own) to get business credit, while doing business in the state of Nevada (under a Nevada corporation), as it is too costly to do business in California. Yet I was wondering has anyone had trouble getting business credit when using a virtual office location as their business location address? I just have a feeling with so many virtual offices/UPS Stores/rent by the hour business meeting rooms out there, that a potential lender (especially banks) might see a red flag when their computer identifies a virtual office location (as a customer’s physical business location) and deny credit. I don’t mind using my home address as my physical business location on my business paperwork, but I do not want my home address to end up online whenever people do an online business search of my business . . . as this has happened to me unexpectedly before (in the early 2000's) when I started a business. So this time around, I’m trying to make sure that my home address does not become part of my business in any way, thus is why I want to keep everything under a Nevada corporation (including all addresses reflecting a Nevada location) . . . yet I’m not sure if using a virtual office (that allows use of their physical address as my business address) will be a problem getting business credit in Nevada. So I was wondering if anyone has had trouble using a virtual office address (as their physical business location) while trying to get business credit from vendors . . . and especially trying to get business credit from banks (while using a virtual office location as a physical business address).
  11. Hello hdporter, I greatly appreciate the additional help. I sure do miss my green card. I might one day try to make amends with them. Thanks again for your help.
  12. hdporter, thank you for the additional help. I fried my green AmEx card account back in May of 2011 (at around the height of The Great Recession) 🙁, though I had 2 other non-green various AmEx cards with no balance and in good standing, they canceled both of those cards as well. 😧 I think they telephoned me on a regular basis for about 5 or 6 years straight trying to collect on the green card. Yet after all of that, I really don’t expect for them to give me another chance . . . even after 10 years. I am okay with that, since I screwed up, and I own it. 🙁 I’m sure if they send me an invitation to get another card and I reply to it, I’m sure that their computer will come back to say that I defaulted back in 2011 and to decline my application. 🙁
  13. Back in 2008 when the Great Recession started, I ended up burning all of my business credit card accounts by 2011 (when the interest rates went up and the minimum monthly payments were doubled). So as I contemplate getting back into business again (in 2020), what other BIG or great banks that are out there other than Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, and Chase that offer good business accounts with checking, savings, credit cards, small business loans nowadays? At this point in time, I do not want to ever do business with Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, and Chase again (in regards to having any type of business accounts with them). "Maybe" personal accounts "might" be okay.

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