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  1. Hello, I just accidentally posted this in the newbie section. Sorry about that. Good afternoon, I have a mortgage TL, for an investment property, that started going bad in 2012. They ultimately called it a charge off, even though I continued to pay the loan. I ultimately got caught up and paid the loan off in full in October 2013. The CRAs began reporting it as a charge off. I started disputing this as it should have been called a paid charge off. TU deleted the TL, EX reports it as Paid, was a charge off. EQ reports it as a charge off. I have spoken with the financial institution and they assure me that they told the CRA that the account has been PIF. I have disputed this with EQ a couple of times, yet they continue to report it as a charge off. I most recently disputed online (probably a mistake) on 12/29/18. They completed their dispute on 12/31/18. I highly doubt that they actually contacted the bank that quickly and verified that it should be reported as such. I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm about to start a refinance effort for my primary mortgage and I am right on the cusp for what they need to complete the jumbo refinance (700 middle). I was at 698. Any thoughts on getting this fixed with obstinate EQ? I feel this payment status is hurting me quite a bit.
  2. Hi MarvBear, Sorry for my delay. Interestingly enough, they are replying differently on each of the three reports. They are not reporting at all to EX. On EQ, they are updating the balance, but have the DOLA as Dec. 2012. Condition is "Open" and Status is "Charge Off." TU is also having the balance updated, Condition is "Open" and Status is "Charged off as bad debt." DOLA is Nov. 2015. Therefore, they report CO each month. On the other hand, they also report 0 times past due on TU, whereas all of the past due items are reported on EQ, however nothing past Dec. 2012. Thanks for your insight.
  3. Thanks for the information breeze. I appreciate it. That part makes sense. It just doesn't seem right that they can update each month as charged off. It would seem that when the CO took place a couple of years ago, that is the date that should be reported, not a monthly CO.
  4. Good evening, Here are the details. I sold an investment property on a short sale, but the mortgage company sued and got a garnishment. They CO off the debt and are getting paid (quite handsomely) every two weeks from my paycheck. Yet, every month, they update the account with the status of CO. Are they allowed to report it that way? Techniquely speaking the account is being paid more than on time now. They are getting as much as four to five times what the monthly payment was now through garnishment. Thank you for your assistance.

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