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  1. i am due for amex credit limit increase but i moved a credit limit from one card to another, will i still qualify for the cli? thanks.
  2. got the 20k bonus at $5k spend and 2fer with PRG 50k at $5k spend in 3mos. this should make my points 300k +
  3. mr points for long term. currently have blue for biz and edp, edp is relatively new. blue for biz is 1 year. have 230k mr points. cant go with chase i am beyond 5/24
  4. mr/ur points, signing bonus, etc... i had my credit unfrozen for a mortgage and just closed on the house was thnking applying for credit cards while it is still thawed.
  5. Is there any new credit cards worth applying?
  6. What you (and I) got was not this card. We got the Blue for Business card which has been replaced by this new product. can we apply for this? this is an easy 20k, $3k on regular business spend is easy. $50k at 2x MR on any expenditure looks appealing.Yes indeed we can. After that first year of double MR runs out on the card you and i have, i will pick up this new one. i checked this today, no more 20k bonus
  7. i read it here on this forum about a "diamond ring" where the poster was talking about diamond 01 education, where to get good price on diamonds. anyone remember the thread? thanks.
  8. HELOC is higher interest than HEL= home equity loan. home equity is computed as $650,000 x .8 = $520,000 , $520,000 - $278,000 = $242,000 < that is how much you can borrow.
  9. navy fed has a 100% financing but the interest is 5.something % and you have to buy 1.0175% points.
  10. rysher

    0% BT

    Any cards with 0% balance transfer fee ? already have the BOA a week or so back. any other cards except chase, over 5/24. thanks.
  11. If u applied online most likely EX. not if you freeze experian. got approved for BOA BankAmericard SL $8k reconned to $20k. experian frozen, BOA online app can't give decision. Waited 2hrs and call recon, they said they need to pull EX but was frozen, I asked them if they could pull TU like what they did with my business CC with them and they pulled TU. Initial approval $8k, managed to recon to $20k on the same call and the same CSR. Initially asked for $30k, go big or go home. lol
  12. i used to have a rental property, my first home/house we custom built from the ground up. we rented it out after we built our current house. the renters were horrible, dirty, doesnt take care of the house. that house has granite tops, tile floors, tiled bathrooms, 42" cherry cabs and ss appliances. horrible, horrible experience never again. and to think the renters were professionals, registered nurse and a physical therapist, rent was $1800. i sold it after i had the house repainted. never again. i woudl rather invest in a piece of empty land than a house and deal with people. people are un
  13. Your ability to secure 0% interest promotions and attractive balance transfer promotions will be severely diminished as soon as your credit report reflects high utilization on your credit cards. Do not count on getting promotional offers as part of your financial plan. plan to apply on the same day, 4 cards. i have the paperworks and tax returns for an FR, i dont care much about AA it is short term. i've lived from 2001 to 2015 with a $200 credit limit, dont think it could get any worst than that. we are jsut trying to get financing on 90k without paying interests. if anyone hav
  14. is there at least an advantage? the whole scenario is: we jsut made an offer for a 3acre $55k lot to build a container home. the lot will be paid in cash with our savings. we currently live in a 3200sq ft 4/3.5/2 valued at $330k, i have $195k in equity if i sell now and it is a sought after gated community. We plan to sell the house and use the equity to downsize (since son is going to college) to 3/2/2 proposed new house is $80k 1500sq. ft. and we won't have a mortgage for life. after we made an offer on the 3acre lot, we found out that the city has plenty of plans for 2018 and 201
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