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  1. Thank you for the correction. Do you happen to know if they had scores generated by FICO? If they have your EQ-04, EX-98, and TU-04 scores that could signal that they've started to move toward FNMA mortgages.
  2. I think you should wait for further advice, but I would do as follows: Get your settlement agreements with both ARS and NRG in writing or otherwise recorded. Settle. Start looking into how you might be able to get back in with Logix, assuming you want to and assuming further that it's possible.
  3. I don't think I fully understand. Is their customer service particularly good, or is their credit product unusually easy to qualify for? Some products to compare: Unify Financial - 5.24%v/$50,000 Premier America CU - 7.50%f/$50,000 (no foreign exchange fees and 1.5% cash back) Bourns Employees FCU - 4.99%f/$20,000.
  4. According to an employee, they pull one bureau's report through a third party that provides value-added services. The employee does not remember which bureau it is. Looking around online, it appears they pull Experian.
  5. I would recommend getting at least one Chase card if you do not already have one. You can, as of this writing, get around the 5/24 rule by applying through offers available on the user dashboard.
  6. I don't think inquiries will matter much at an AAOA of five years. If you're planning to apply with creditors that care about inquiries, consider doing those before Discover. From experience, I've seen Discover offer a secured card - or a card with less of a signup bonus - to applicants who did not qualify for something better. However, I've also seen Discover completely deny an application.
  7. If I'm reading correctly, you've already begun the mortgage application process. This is why so many advise that people do test or 'bait' applications. Your mortgage application alerted debt owners to your circumstances, and now they can attempt collection knowing that even if you dispute you might not be able get done in time for closing. Generally the owner of the vehicle is responsible, not the person who parked it. This varies from place to place and is contingent upon the circumstances of the citation. EDIT: Spelling
  8. LexisNexis Accurint was a public record report that used to be considered a consumer report by the FCRA. They were sued, lost, and now have the following disclosure, emphasis added: "The Accurint® services are not provided by 'consumer reporting agencies,' as that term is defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681, et seq.) (FCRA) and do not constitute 'consumer reports,' as that term is defined in the FCRA. Accordingly, the Accurint service may not be used in whole or in part as a factor in determining eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or for other eligibility determination purposes that would qualify the service as a consumer report under the FCRA."
  9. MyFICO, for whatever reason, has decided to forego EX-04 AU (auto enhanced) and EX-04 BC (bankcard enhanced) despite their prevalence. The former of these is what you would have seen as "FICO Auto Score 3" were it to appear. Be aware that MyFICO names these scores such that the word 'FICO' is front and center, and that you will not necessarily see it written as such elsewhere. The algorithm is marketed as Experian/FICO Auto Risk Model V3. In my very limited experience, auto lenders have seen it as 'Auto Score V3' with 'FICO®' written somewhere on the screen. Generationally, it's equivalent to Beacon 5.0 Auto Industry Option (EQ-04 AU, FICO Auto Score 5) and Empirica AU 2004 / FICO Risk Score, Classic Auto 04 (TU-04 AU, FICO Auto Score 4). To my knowledge there is nowhere you can get EX-04 AU as a consumer, at least without applying for a loan and having the score given to you as part of the risk-based pricing disclosure.
  10. Yes, I have done a mortgage application. It does not seem as though you did a test mortgage application before applying for a real mortgage. Considering your past, brace for the possibility of several new collections showing up as well as old ones updating. You may need significantly more than 6 points now that debt owners have been alerted to your housing goals. As alluded to by mendelssohn, the maximum effect for FICO scoring comes from paying all accounts down to $0 except for one, which should be at the minimum possible. This is sometimes called the '$2 trick'. Your mortgage adviser may have misunderstood the situation or failed to explain it correctly - there is no benefit to be had paying one account down to $10 when you have other accounts that sit at well over 70% utilization. I second this plan. I cannot think of anything better to do with $2400 across those accounts.
  11. There has been prior success having NRG remove collections accounts. Have their promise in writing, have the call recorded, or accept that they may not follow through. I can find no data on Logix FCU. Remaining questions: Are the debts within SOL? Which CA (for the other Paypal account)?
  12. FICO's models all factor in the age of positive accounts that are reporting. VantageScore's models will use the age of open positive accounts that are reporting. Credit Karma uses VantageScore 3.0. EDIT: Clarification
  13. I believe the new derogatory combined with the recent credit seeking has led to this. Be prepared for the possibility of more AA. EDIT: Consider that all of your derogatory marks were from before applying versus this one which is new.
  14. I can't think of any BT card that gives a limit over $12,000 to a first time borrower. Consider the Ring card by Barclays. It recently changed from a low ongoing APR to a Slate-like 0%/15mo (0%/45d BT fee) setup. What did you get on the Slate and Simplicity, and did you already have cards with them? I have no hard data to back this up, but I think you can get more than one Slate and more than one Simplicity.

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