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  1. Oof, just got approved for Barclays AAdvantage Elite card with a SL of 8k. Highest limit I've ever had...ever!
  2. I got EX to delete Portfolio 2 months early today. I have 2 more negs with Experian, 1 due to fall off in November and 1 in December. They told me to call in 14 days to get the November neg removed, and the 15th of November to get the December neg removed. I'm so close to the finish line.
  3. Follow whychats letters exactly. I just got all of my repos removed just 2 months after I sent my letters out.
  4. And just fyi, my EE ranged anywhere from 4-7 months. I think one of them was to drop off in February. And PRA did delete after payment.
  5. So Transunion removed my Nissan account, and I called today and they EE all my baddies so for the first time in forever my Transunion is clean! Called Experian to do the same thing, they said I'm a few weeks away from removing one of the Alliant accounts, the rest I should be able to remove by October. Yay!
  6. I sent a whychat letter for my Nissan account, and I got a response to that letter with all the documents from Synergetic Communications. They had all the documentations and sent it to me yesterday. I also found out why I never received any information about the sale and all that, it was sent to an old address. Doh
  7. Just thinking about this overnight, I'll let the negative TL with the OCs revert, and tackle Nissan and see if PRA will settle for something small. Thanks CV!
  8. The only one listed as CO is Nissan. I haven't thought about considering the value of the other TLs. I'll have to consider it.
  9. Hello all! A lot of my negative are passed SOL and will be obsolete within the next 8-12 months. Very excited this about this. I picked up two full time jobs to pay down my debts, and I'm finally happy for the most part at where I am financially. Positive Trade Lines Capital One Quick Silver - CL $1500, Balance $0 Discover IT - CL $1500, Balance $0 NFCU cashRewards - CL $2900, Balance $223 NFCU CLOC - CL $3000, Balance $0 NFCU Auto Loan Negative TL Alliant CU Personal Loan - Balance $1584, DOFD 01/14 Expected date to be removed
  10. NFCU Cash Rewards CLI 2000 -> 2900 Also approved for CLOC of 3k
  11. So I had a paid collection with Diversified Consultants when I never received a final bill with ATT even though I requested it multiple times and it got sent to collections. I paid the balance to the OC and Diversified Consultants marked it as paid in full. I tried everything to get it removed except email the CEO of the company. I sent a goodwill email to the CEO yesterday afternoon and this morning I get an email from wallethub that Diversified Consultants has dropped from your credit report! Success! Two more collections to go (PRA and I believe they PFD now) and a w
  12. So provide a little update, it's been over a year since my initial post... I ended up closing the discover. At the time, my capital one went from a limit of 300 to 500. Comenity, never used it. Over the past year, I used my capital one a lot. I usually maxed it but then paid it off right away. I asked if I could convert from platinum to quicksilver so I can utilize the cash back. January of this year, I opened a secured card with NFCU for 250.00. I literally used it twice from January until now, it always had a zero balance. So as of J
  13. So during the time while I'm trying to pay down the balance of the Discover, I'm trying to tackle at least one of the two PRAs. PRA purchased the account 1888 from Express (store card). Does this account have a different SOL than a regular credit card in Arizona?
  14. When a company gets your a corp card, do they do a credit check on you?
  15. No, they won't do that. Pay if off and don't run it up again. You have three open accounts. Let them age for a bit and you may not need to get another secured card. Work on CLIs on your other two accounts, although I'd wait until you get your Discovery balance paid way down. March is right around the corner. Thank you for your advice.
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