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  1. At a 610, I wouldn't apply for anything. You can use the credit pulls database if you just HAVE to apply, but a 610 tells me that you have some issues on your report you'll probably want to clean up first. Oh, and CreditKarma is garbage...you could easily be at a FICO of 510 or 710 (yes, it's been off by that much).
  2. It really is. It simply gives me so many more options than I previously had. I poke fun at Dave Ramsay a lot, as his way of "living without a credit score" is great for someone with a million bucks in the bank. But for your average person, doing something as fundamental as buying home is basically impossible without a good score, or it'll cost you $100,000 more than you need to spend in interest. I am thankful for the freedom my credit profile gives me, as it shows that all of the advice here, and a little hard work on my part, was not in vain.
  3. I just wanted to say "Thank you" to all of the wonderful folks who post here on CB. I have gone from having terrible credit, to having +760 across all bureaus, over $120K in trade lines, and closing on my brand new home (in only 6 weeks). It seems like only yesterday when every single credit application I would submit was sure to be declined, or when I would cancel my credit score tracking accounts because they would have a big 510 average across all of the agencies, and I didn't know what to do. Literally could not have done any of this without CB. Thanks!
  4. Chase Sapphire Preferred is what I get the most compliments on. Being made of metal and having the clean look on the front is quite attractive. I hate showing my NasaFCU card. Looks kind of cheap :-)
  5. OP here....sorry for the late responses, all! I started listening to his interviews and stories after seeing his name come up so much on CB. At first glance, his advice seemed pretty innocent and actually sound. After digging in a bit more, and seeing the feedback on this thread, it's very clear why he is a problem. This all makes a ton of sense. Frankly, I love the concept of striving for minimal debt, controlling expenses, living within your means...basically things that any normal person who cares about their finances would agree with. However, totally disregarding the value of having good credit is insane to me. I can see this making sense for someone with millions of dollars in the bank...they may not need financing. I can't imagine a normal person, with a normal job, walking into a bank to apply for a mortgage without a non-existent credit score. I know from my own experiences that established credit opens doors and options that are difficult/impossible to obtain without. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Hey folks, I don't want to make a sweeping statement, but it seems as though there is a general hatred of Dave Ramsey on CB. It seems like he's against accumulating any debt, which, while I don't agree with everything he says, I can see some of the value there. Just curious on everyone's opinions here!
  7. Total Card Visa. Needed it during rebuilding...terrible card that doesn't report regularly, or give any increases.
  8. Dear lord...the hatred of Discover runs deep on CB! While I do like my Discover, they are definitely stingy with CLI. I think I've had 2, both of which being around $500 per. Here's hoping for a better response in a couple of months.
  9. Impressive, JeffVerde. Hopefully I can join you in the 800 club in a year or so! Very inspirational :-)
  10. Oh, and if that Dillards is a Wells Fargo, here is an UW number that my wife has used in the past for recon: Wells Fargo: 800-967-9521 (credit card underwriting) Wells Fargo: 866-412-5956 or 866-412-5957 (UW)

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