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  1. How can I get the list of all vendors that give business credit, I heard that there are over 4000 lenders that offer business credit , does anyone have a list or know how to find these vendors.
  2. Awesome , I need guidance from you Zack. Please teach me how to do this.
  3. I don't know how to address this situation. I wanted to show deposits but without looking obvious. Its called the MCA loans ( Merchant cash advance) .
  4. Cash I will be transferring from my other bank account to my business account to show deposits and then I will withdraw it back to the first bank and do the same process over and over again every week to show deposits of around $15000.00 a week so that at the end of the month there is deposits of around 60K.
  5. Hello guys this is completely off the subject , but I wanted to ask if anyone can give me info regarding a little issue I have, I wanted to deposit to my business bank account three times ( Monday, Tuesday and Fridays) is there a way to do it online instantaneously, Paypal takes 2 to 3 days, I believe coinbase does the same. I am trying to show regular deposits and withdrawals but I don't want to wait for several days, please help me in this issue.
  6. Thanks BRBiz , Is there a fast way of building D&B.
  7. Hi If I only have Experian and Equifax scores ( High scores) but no D&B ( not even a D&B #) would I be ok with it or not. Please enlighten me. Thank you all in advance.
  8. Appreciate your help BRBiz and nbipbm I will not pay anything to D and B.
  9. I just hate D&B, this is the most corrupt company in USA, basically they extort money from small businesses , they are so aggressive , why has no one done anything to put them out of business, it reminds of the mafia, its just a shake down practice. Is it possible to bypass this horrible company, I received my D&B #, but just the # does not build your credit you need a credit monitoring service on top of that, which costs an arm and a leg. It is very frustrating.
  10. I have not received my D&B # should I wait for it before applying for vendor credit.

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