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  1. Yep...I was hoping there was a way to get it back. They surely loved reporting it with negative 😂 Thanks!
  2. Hedgemony, Yes, the late was removed due to age. It was scheduled for deletion on 7/2019 so I patiently waited for the 84-month mark. It only had a single negative. Yes, getting the account dropped by the other 2 bureaus is what I am hoping not to do if I dispute it.
  3. Hi everyone! I finally had a delinquency (60-day late payment in 7/2012) on a student loan, with ACS Education Svcs., removed from my reports. Apparently, the account has been properly updated by Equifax and TransUnion but Experian has deleted the ENTIRE account 😯. It was a good account (opened is 2004 and closed in 10/2012) so it should still be reporting as a paid account. Is it possible to get this account restored by Experian? I was thinking I should create a dispute, regarding the late pay (still appearing on my EX report), with the creditor so they can update my account information with Experian. Is that a good idea? I don't want the other creditors to remove the account due to the dispute process.
  4. I'm sure I have seen this before but I am unable to locate the post.... Which credit card companies, other than Chase, report PIFs before the reporting date?
  5. My first and oldest CC was a Chevron/Texaco Synchro gas card (from back in college in the mid 90s) with a $100 credit limit. Previous CLI requests would have resulted in a hard pull for a minimal increase so I never used it. After reading this post, I hit the luv button last week to request $30K (expecting the lower amount on a gas card) and they countered with a $400 increase. Finally, an increase with a $500 credit limit and no hard pull on my credit report 😁
  6. I hit the luv button on my Citi card (every 90 days) to receive the highest CLI ever for this particular card ($4K). $18,260 ---> $22,260
  7. This happened to me as my home was in an area affected by a natural disaster. Even though my home suffered slight damage, my payments were made in full as usual. I called the creditor directly and explained the issue as I never missed a payment. The next day the remark was removed.
  8. Yep, removed. The creditor most likely corrected their error. If it wasn't an error, that is even better.

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