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  1. Thanks guys! Btw, I use only the finest, 100% Brazilian carnauba to wax my Cap One cards!
  2. I am not here to bash anyone or any product but I can tell you this, Capital One is a life changer. I"m sure you have read my stories recently on CB about how they gave me almost $50k in limits 4 months after Ch. 13 discharge. I also mentioned that because they reported right away, my mortgage Fico score increased enough to allow me to refi my house at a 3.25% rate. In addition, they approved me for an auto loan ($40k) at 1.99%. What other company out there will give someone a second chance like this, fresh out of bankruptcy? I can guarantee that no other company out there will do this. I had no idea I could get prime credit cards, a refi on my house, and an auto loan at 1.99%, 4 months out of CH. 13. I owe all this to Capital One.
  3. Nlocker, I totally agree. The only problem is that most of the prime companies don't like me much after the Ch. 13 BK. I would love a second chance with Citi or Chase.
  4. Thanks guys! No, I don't have any cra's that are frozen.
  5. Hmm, so if you book a refundable, no cancellation fee travel and you cancel it, the travel company credits your Cap One card in full?
  6. Ahh gotcha. Do you know the conversion rate from miles into dollars? I don't travel much so I would like to get the cash instead of the $400 in miles. Any idea how the points work if you want to redeem for cash?
  7. Dude...app the V1 right now! Bet you get at least $10K. DO IT! Ahh, Venture one! Haha, nah, I really don't want to push it. what I did was far worse than what you have done so far.... Care to elaborate? Do you think Cap One will ever come to their senses and decrease my limits?
  8. I also applied for and closed on an FHA 15 year refi recently. Dude...app the V1 right now! Bet you get at least $10K. DO IT! Ahh, Venture one! Haha, nah, I really don't want to push it.
  9. I've opened 4 accounts now. Here is what I have: 1. Cap One QS1 MC ($3k) opened 3-4 months ago 2. Cap One Platinum ($1k) opened same day as QS1 3. Cap One QS Visa Sig ($15k) opened a few days ago. 4. Cap One Venture ($30k) opened today. These are the only cards I have applied for since getting my discharge last year. Yes, these are my first set of applications in over 5 years.
  10. LOL! I don't think I will push it. I wasn't going to apply for this one as the QS@$15k was plenty. I just got a little greedy and had to out do my wife:)
  11. Thank you! I had no idea I would ever have this type of limit after my BK 13 discharge just last Oct. I am completely floored.
  12. My fico's are all between 640-685. Do you think income had anything to do with the higher limit? Mw wife and I make $195k combined and I used that figure on their application. I did put the correct number, right? When I used to apply for cards (over 5 years ago due to Ch. 13bk) I always put household income instead of my own income. Anything wrong with that?
  13. $30K? Wow, bingo! How in the world did you know? My game ended pretty fast!
  14. I was approved for a $15k Cap One Quicksilver Visa Signature card a few days ago. I was reading about the Venture card and decided, why not apply? I don't know if C1 is broken or if they're just nuts, but I just got approved for another card. Does anyone want to guess the limit?

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