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  1. Hello sdavidson87 Do ll of these require a pg and or personal hard pull?
  2. Is there any way to report a business line of credit that isnt reporting....ie, my Newegg isnt reporting nor is my BP Fleet
  3. Does anyone know the annuall membership fee for Jetsmart?
  4. Question for team 202....why was it considered a wrongful foreclosure....because of ex not refinancing or because you never received notice
  5. Wow i really wish i knew how damning using NAV could be....I signed up for their services...ie reports....i have 3 businesses that Ive never built credit with and thought id check out what was in my reports.....smh...i guess im done off? is there any way to untangle that web or will my credit building efforts be ruined?
  6. Hello again, I was just reading about the Business MasterCard® credit card and the application did not ask for a social , only EIN this may be another option....hope this helps and please post the results if you do opt to apply.
  7. Hello , Would you mind sharing the list that youve used to build your business credit with? Thank you for sharing
  8. Hello KristofsMom is it possible to recieve that info as well....not sure how to pm you tho
  9. which company did you use to finance your vehicles and was there a substantial down payment if any?
  10. how is it possible for them to pull your personal without your social or am I misunderstanding ..... A lil nervous is whay im asking

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