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  1. Marv- I need some advice regarding a leased vehicle I "traded" in on a new vehicle. The trade vehicle was leased with the captive finance company and several payments were waived with the purchase of the new vehicle. Is there a specific timeframe the dealer should have contacted the "bank" to ground the vehicle? Is there any legal timeframe this should have occurred (In GA)? Also do you know of any clawback period for the pull ahead payments with MBFS? The dealer stated I would need to wait at least 6 months to refinance the vehicle or the lender would demand I repay the pull ahead payments. Thanks!
  2. Have you thought about going to someplace like Carmax and seeing what they would offer to purchase each vehicle for. You may be better off selling the Camaro and whatever vehicle is less upside down or better meets your current situation.
  3. I would try to get some other offers on a sale of the vehicle. Are you near a Carnax? I would try to see what they would offer you for the Subaru.
  4. I have currently made 19 payments on a 36 month lease with Mercedes Benz Financial. I have had a change in my role at work and will be driving more. I have seen information regarding a pull ahead program with MBFS. If I want pull ahead into a new vehicle what am I responsible for? Am I responsible for the 17 remaining lease payments or do I need to pay off the vehicle? I believe the amount that I would be upside down is greater then the total amount of the remaining payments. Thanks!!
  5. Have your tried to see if BOA will unsecure your card? Call up customer service and see if they will unsecure your card.
  6. Item H looks like it would be your negative equity. That $3656.67 number was added to the cost of the vehicle your purchased.
  7. The article represents business as usual for a retail store with a credit program. The article says that the credit program will improve company profits. It doesn't say that employees opening accounts will increase earnings. The company is trying to improve loyalty and sales with its private label card.
  8. You need to ask them why the vehicle is not equipped as advertised. Get the sales manager involved. They may be willing to do something for you.
  9. It's been deleted from my transition (too old dispute). But it's still showing up on my equifax and experian.
  10. The DOFD is 6/2009. It is reporting correctly for that date. It just started to report on 9/15. So it looks like a fresh charge off.
  11. I have a question regarding Prosper reporting. I have 2 older prosper accounts. One account has a good payment history and one does not. The bad account was charged off in 2009 and they started reporting this account to equifax in 9/2015. Of course this old charge off tanked my score because its reporting as a fresh charge off. I have disputed the account as "incorrect" with equifax. Can Prosper choose to only report the bad account? Would it be worth it to file a complaint with the CFPB?
  12. If you just want BOA to convert your card to the un-secured version they generally will do this with a soft pull. If you want them to also increase your credit limit they will need to do a hard pull of your credit.

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