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  1. Thank you all for the great advice. I did acknowledge the oversight on my part with the manager. I'm so frustrated with myself as I simply forgot about the acct due to me only holding a minimal balance to make small Bitcoin purchases. I've paid the $27 dollars with the hopes of them reconsidering their stance. Happy New Year!
  2. Awesome CB family in need of advice! Recently had my pristine credit score hit by 80 pts due to a CO from my Credit Union. Long story short I used the acct solely as a means to transfer funds to my coinbase acct. Low and behold a transaction put me in the negative for a grand whopping total of $27 dollars! The branch manager states that they mailed me a letter (2 to be exact) to my address on file however, I don't recall receiving one or if I did I more than likely tossed it as the CU constantly sends Life insurance solicitations. I inquired on why I never received a courtesy call due to my long history and exceptional loan payment history but to no avail as she stated that they were not obligated to! Argh!! I also asked if I payed the measly $27 dollars would they remove the negative remark from my CR and she snarkly said NO! Any suggestions on how to have the CO removed?
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