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  1. I agree that payoff is the goal. The point of my questions was more what % do I keep NOT payed off for the utilization to help my score best.
  2. My accountant said as long as I was able to pay them off during the tax year without a disaster, it was ok. For example prior to the disaster , I was paying my Chase Sapphire off every month with my income from business. It is not as strict as PPP.
  3. Hello, I have a 770 score with 18% current utilization. With the EIDl I would like to pay down some or all of the credit card debt. I have a simple loan for a car - payment is 80 a month, I owe 5k. The student loan at 8% was paid in full since the EIDL was a better 3% rate. I have 2 cc's with a higher than 0% rate one is at $450 - Amazon at 23% other is at $3k - Chase sapphire all other debts are at 0% 1400 citi diamond 2700 amex 1000 care credit 5000 slate What % do I keep in the accounts? Do I keep a % on all of them? or Do I pay most off except for one? Thank you
  4. I have yet to talk to them, They will only discuss when they call YOU back. I've called over 7 times to be called back.
  5. That's right, we have something in common with all of those people, including the same cancer.
  6. So is a loan guaranteed by Fannie through Newrez some indicator that Newrez is an "Independent Servicer" that would not fall under the government orders? "Federal regulators, through the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are ordering lenders to offer homeowners flexibility."
  7. This is an article that supports my point: @DollarDog @IndyPoolPlayer https://www.npr.org/2020/03/19/818343720/homeowners-hurt-financially-by-the-coronavirus-may-get-a-mortgage-break
  8. Now you are confusing what my point was. I'm not talking about blindly foregoing payments. I specifically said in my title: accepting temporary assistance from mortgage company. I didn't say anything about foregoing a payment... I was talking about programs put in place by the banks , like this one from Bank of America's website: Mortgages and home equity: clients can request to defer payments, with payments added to the end of the loan. In all of these instances, there will be no negative credit bureau reporting for up-to-date clients. reference : https://newsroom.bankofamerica.com/press-releases/consumer-banking/bank-america-announces-additional-support-consumer-and-small
  9. Thanks @hegemony ! does anyone on the internet even know the damage or future repercussions of taking the kind of help being offered right now? How will the bank offering Skipping one payment for this disaster affect credit? How does forbearance affect credit? Maybe someone in the industry knows.. There are things being offered ( not by my mortgage yet ) of skipping a month as in Washington , to forbearance to modifications. Once again, I was given a 'modification' before and told it would not have any negative repercussions - it did - and yes, I did do my diligence on that one. But it didn't stop the banks from their evil lies until they were sued 5 years later my hundreds of people. That is why I want to know ALL THE OPTIONS. Because banks lie!
  10. I'm not late yet, but all 3 streams of income from very different industries have all shuttered and my income has stopped. I've always had a plan B, C, and D to fall back on but like I said, all are affected. I have records of all: hospitality healthcare (non essential) tech I'm not late yet, but with the shortage of property tax due, and the lack of income coming in the future to cover the higher mortgage payment. I will be. My point of being here, is to ask what the options are now before I'm late. I don't know what I need / want from my servicer until I know what options are available and how they will affect me. I've also experienced servicers doing illegal things as I said before and the years of repercussions it caused. I'm here to do diligence, not state exactly what I want. How would I know that yet?
  11. Financial survival? or survival? In the case of 2008 , I did what was being told by the government, financial advisors and lenders and attorney's what was good for my financial survival: qualified for the HAMP. Citimortgage illegally denied me - hence even worse financial hardship. And FICO took way too long to follow until after the lawsuit. I'm trying to avoid that by collecting any more information out there, specific advice. Advice that is helpful is actionable and specific.
  12. Hi All , So my mortgage company is at the bottom of the rung: Newrez. They were the last to rollout an email to it's customers with a COVID19 notice. In comparison I received notices well over 2 weeks ago from almost every company I've barely been a customer of from home repair companies, to clothing stores, to juice bars BUT NOT MY MORTGAGE COMPANY. Shame on them! I saw weeks ago the list of big banks and their notices: BoA, Chase, USAA, etc. But Newrez? pfffffffffft. Didn't even bother until 2 days ago. 😠 So , I need assistance like the rest of us in the same boat called Earth. What will the credit repercussions be? How do we take assistance with the least amount of credit damage? My credit was already illegally damaged in 2008. Resolved only after a class action lawsuit in 2015. I don't want it to happen again if I accept a 'Temporary Hardship' thingy from my pseudo mortgage company, what are your thoughts on the way it will damage credit?
  13. Generally cards offer me 10-14,000 range. So if Slate is low - are we talking 1/3 of that or ...?
  14. @shifter What is a low limit? low limits for one person may be a lot to another.
  15. Ok got it. So almost better to apply , then transfer. I have another 0% on an existing card, but it has a 3% fee and I want the Slate 0% fee
  16. @hegemony I'm assuming you mean it could impact limit in a negative sense?
  17. Hi All, I'm wondering if the odds of getting credit is better if you apply first, get accepted and then do a balance transfer? or If it increases your odds if your application includes an amount you want to transfer? Is there any evidence or data on this? Thanks!
  18. @Burdell What is the best dispute 'reason' for the dispute to get the whole account deleted?
  19. @hegemony Actualy I just double checked everything, the lates are in Nov and Dec of 2013, so I have the rest of the year to wait Is that correct? I was looking for ways to get to 800 score...
  20. Hello all, In January I disputed a late from 2013 on BOA through Experian online for a closed BOA account. The results were a The information you disputed has been verified as accurate. I'm looking to get these removed. It's been a while since I have been on creditboards. I would have to dispute this again. Is it time for the 1-2 punch? This is closed account in 2015 by the grantor and paid in full not charge off. Equifax is not reporting the lates but has my score at 767 Experian is reporting the lates but has my score at 740 Transuninon IS reporting late and yet my score is the highest : 792
  21. Also this account was closed at the credit grantor's request in 2015.
  22. Hello all, In January I disputed with BOA through Experian online as never late for a closed BOA account. The results were a The information you disputed has been verified as accurate. Nov and Dec 2013 were late. 7 years ago was March 2013. I'm looking to get these removed. It's been a while since I have been on creditboards. I would have to dispute this again. Is it time for the 1-2 punch?

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