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  1. It's not a $150 tow fee. The fees add up to $700. It has only been 3 days. The reason it was towed? I don't know - bad neighbor, it was left wheel to curb? They though it was abandoned. Like I said I had it scheduled for pickup.
  2. Oh Ok thanks! Should this be in the regular, i.e. not advanced credit forums? I had not been here for a while after the restructuring.
  3. Thanks for that advice however my question still stands: If I get a letter from a collection agency, what is the first response letter? A TFC letter? Sorry it's been a while and the TFC protocol is not included in the pinned sections that I can find.
  4. Hi there, A few days before I had scheduled a junk car donation to come get my car, my car was impounded. I don't want it and I don't want to pay for it. I will first try to trade my title to the wrecker company for the fees. If I can not, and I get a letter from a collection agency, what is the first response letter? A TFC letter? Thanks
  5. Thanks Kat58! That helps. I didn't realize it was an "Installment loan" thing. I kept seeing the words: "alliant hack".
  6. I've been trying to search for explanations of the Alliant hack. The search on here is the pits. Can one of you kind people point me in the right direction?
  7. I agree and you have valid points that I have also considered. However I am in a rock and a hard place. I have a disability - one metric of needing a car. The car loan is not a 'new car' but used in the cheapest car class. ( I realize you may have meant new as in 'new to me') With half down, I'm looking at a payment of $80-$100 a month. That may change when the hard pull is done... Putting half down is a gamble because of what you said about the unknown happening that the amount could be needed for. How did I get it? Once a year there is a festival in which I can rent the house for $1k a night. the car died during that week. I have some small income a month on top of the renters from a contract job. I weighed the cost of other transportation (uber, car2go, bus, train) given my conditions and that would be close to $300-$400 a month. The job situation should be promising, there's not enough code writers for the market but the first junior job is the hardest to get. With a job I intend to put half my income into the debt and I'm not opposed to driving beaters as my last car was 20 years old. the transmission and oil problem costs more than the worth of the car. I found out about these problems 2 years ago when my situation started and did not rush to buy a car with the intention of riding it out until the last leg. That leg has finally broken and I got two years out of the car without spending a dime. Thanks for rooting for me! I'm rooting for societies who's values don't leave people in a lifetime of debt for education and healthcare. They exist , but unfortunately I'm stuck in this american one.
  8. I've never been late on my mortgage. I make it work with renters to cover 90% of the payment, but I definitely struggle and will continue to until I have gainful employment. My point being, the dti with the rental income is not enough for the underwriters to be happy with. I have to keep the house , it's my only retirement and gains $50k+ value each year. However being in Texas, the taxes go up every year about 1k. Why? Because I'm a mile from downtown in the hottest city in America. Health is another but not the last metric for keeping the house. I won't go into that but know there are other factors.
  9. How much does a hard pull affect the score? My Experian score already went down 11 points from a soft pull?
  10. I can get a car loan. I have reasonable credit. Can you explain what frontend and backend ratios are?
  11. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I have a pre approval , re: "It seemed like Carvana was going to approve me". I called and asked who it was with and then researched that it is a subprime lender. (who will also be changing names soon ) Thanks. I'll consider all of your advice! And report back what comes about the real hard pull .
  12. The reason I worry is because my mortgage payment will be considered too high compared to income. I pay it by having renters in the house. A car will greatly improve my ability to get a job for the income that I need. I was unemployed and went to school this year to improve my situation. My past two tax returns are low. They did not used to be but those prior to two years won't matter.
  13. Being asked for tax returns or bank statements.
  14. I'm talking about extra coverage for a warranty. Not insurance I have insurance. Any better rate I can get is help in my situation.

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