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  1. Thank you all, lots of good stuff here! You all just good people I know I can trust!
  2. Thank you Joe! This looks like a great tutorial on what i should do. I will try this exactly and let you know the outcome. Thanks again! Joel dang, this is some good s###! and I didn't mean good Shi# like some of you was thinking ~ I meant good Stuf ~ cuz it just is! know what I say'n
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone!! as I recall, CB was awesome back in the day helping me build my personal and business credit and all you all still is!! I found my DUNS through DNB after several white knuckle attempts and getting the security question wrong I was afraid I was gonna get locked out. I then moved to the iupatednb.com link someone in another post mentions and got in and found this under history: "the following information was reported 5/11/06" ; and History Summary was "CLEAR" and the Payment Summary was completely blank/clear. I was like Dang boy this is something on a stick! mea
  4. Thinking about breathing life back into an old business that crashed and burned 11 years ago taking with it my business credit with various business credit cards such as gas cards and home depot. I am in a much better place now and want to get back into my own business, but not sure how to go about it credit wise. I had and a Tax ID and DUNS # but I don't even have any records of them. Should I try to revive my old business or just start fresh? Any advice is appreciated!
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