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  3. in 2009 I had a mortgage account that went into foreclosure . The credit report shows it as FS which is Foreclosure Proceeding Started. There is a second designation which is F for Foreclosure. I assume that this F is assigned when the house is foreclose for good. When shall the 7 year term commence? My bank left the credit report on FS until a judgement in 2014 which is 5 years latter. In addition, OrientalBank change the payment history notations showing all dated before the judgement date to NR (Not reported). Consequently, this will leave me stuck with an adverse Foreclosure thread for 12 years!!! The OrientalBank of Puerto Rico is cheating the system by changing the credit history of the affected client. Is there anything in FCRA that indicates that the 7 years term starts from final Foreclosure judgement or from Foreclosure proceedings starts?
  4. I have a situation with a foreclosed mortgage account from a Puerto Rico local bank. This has been hurting my credit history since 2008. I am not sure in the continental US, but the foreclosure in Puerto Rico requires a bank to file a law suit at a district court and celebrate a hearing and judgment. This cases traditionally last a long time. In my case,the bank file the foreclosure in 2009 but a judgement was reached in 2014. I have to mention that at the time the bank file for foreclosure, the bank accepted no further payment to allowed me bring the account current. I just moved to the continental US after the struggles from the disaster of Hurricane Maria left me with no job. I moved to North Dakota, but when I tried to open a bank account or get a lease, my report shows that I foreclose in 2014. In other words, I will have this adverse credit line posted for 15 years!! ?? Can anyone advice me how to tackle this? Can I go to federal court in ND to claim a FCRC ? Puerto Rico is not a state but is a territory that has to abide to all federal laws and there is a local Federal Court judge there. But filling a case in the Puerto Rico federal district court will be a financially impossible matter to embrace considering that I am a resident in another state. Also please, comment. The Puerto RIco bank official insist that he date reported is the judgement date. I find this very odd because the bank keep having delays requesting hearing date which is primary reasons why the case took so long.
  5. If you still can breath, have 2 legs, two hands and energy to keep going, I support you did the best decision to to go BK7. I choose to wait for SOL. have to admit that some creditors try to find a loop around the 7 years, but this is a fight that I am willing to take.
  6. You did very well.. DId you had to go to court to challenge any of the bad threads? Please advise.
  7. Ok.. I felt into the abyss about 7 years ago. I choose not to file BK but to wait the paint of 7 years. I got a copy of my report yesterday to find out that THD/CBNA posted the debt few month ago. There is no date of the Charge off. A similar thing happen with a mortgage account. They closed the account about 7 years ago and then reporting the Foreclosure dated last year. How may I fight this off? IT is not fair that I waited so many years to find this creditor finding loops in the system. Look for your help

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