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  1. philc3372

    Newbie Plan: On the Right Track?

    THANKS for the quick feedback and pep talk. TY Here We Go for the tip on posting separately on the Why Chat plan. That makes sense. I'll do that now and come back here when the time is right to move on beyond medical. It does appear SOL has past on Central Financial (explains why I have no correspondence from them). And I can still access my EOMBs from my insurer's online portal. Onward and upward!
  2. philc3372

    Newbie Plan: On the Right Track?

    Hello, kind CB veterans and experts, I joined a few weeks ago, read voraciously (still doing that), got my paper reports, triaged a la psychdoc's credit repair school, and now I'm laying it out for your review to avoid rookie mistakes. Background: My financial life had been fine (I naively thought) until March 2015. A perfect storm hit of huge, unexpected medical bills (mine and my kids) and a family business crisis (no income for my husband for 3 months while we worked through that, then a reduced salary up until now). I kept up with bills as best I could, but fell behind on credit card payments beginning in June. I knew they were behind, but had a plan to catch up. In the middle of that, I began receiving random calls from CA's - I didn't speak to them, but voicemail held no detail - which prompted me to get my reports and find out what that was about. Goal: Our family is back on track financially and husband's CR's are fine. My goal is to get mine cleared so we can build onto our house as our kids get older in the next 1-2 years. Baddies: AmEx - fell 90 days behind 9/15; now caught up CapOne - fell 90 days behind 9/15; now caught up Chase - fell 120 days behind 9/15; minimum went up so high I couldn't get caught up, still 120 behind in 10/15; rec'd notice Chase closed the account A local CA - $408 dental bill, placed for collection 10/30/14 ... on TU (not EQ or EXP) Stellar Recovery (CA) - $428 for OC listed as Comcast, placed for collection 3/3/15 ... on TU, EXP (not EQ) Central Financial Control (CA) - $1787 hospital bill, placed for collection Jan 2012 ... on EXP (not TU or EQ) Notes: My gut tells me to hold off on FCBA and/or nutcase correspondence on all the late CC payments because they are so new. I've just now caught up, except Chase, and I will have that one caught up by mid Dec. Chase killed the account after 6.5 years of on-time payments. I was making some payments, but not minimum because they became jacked up so high right after the first late pay. The Stellar Recovery TL is absolutely 100% not mine. My Comcast acct is internet only and switched from my personal acct to my husband's biz acct with no late payments or fees of any kind. The local TL is the result of my former dentist's office staff error. They initially quoted me a price for work, I had the work done and paid what my ins didn't cover. Many months later, they sent another bill (not itemized). When I called they said they gave me the wrong quote initially and this was the new price. I told them I considered that bait-and-switch and would not be paying any new bills. Office staff told me my dentist had moved out of country when I called to make my next cleaning appointment. :-/ The Central Financial TL is from a hospital stay in 2011 when I birthed my 2nd child. I had a high-deductible HSA at the time, and met the deductible with the hospital stay, so anything beyond that should have been covered by insurance. I should not have been billed in the first place. A CA who occasionally leaves VM messages is called "Harris & Harris Ltd", which, oddly, is not on any CR I pulled. I have no idea what that's about. I have opted out as a first step. Questions: Is my gut right about holding off on FCBA and/or nutcase correspondence on the late CC payments because they're so new? Wait for a bit of time to pass or send correspondence now? Is there any wisdom in asking Chase to reopen my account? I had a good history with them that's wiped away because of a bump in the road. Central Financial: Is this a potential sleeping giant? It's only on one CR and due to drop off Jun 2018 according to EXP. I'm confident I don't owe it, but hate for it to sit there another 2.5 years. Newbie Plan: Validate first with Stellar because that's just plain wrong. Use whychat's HIPAA guide to deal with the local CA. Central Financial - ??? Late pays on CCs - ??? I can't thank you all enough for your input. Truly. I'm a sponge here to soak up your knowledge. Hopefully once I get my CRs straight, I will have learned enough to help others.
  3. philc3372

    Welcome New Members!

    Hi, CB! Glad to be here, but I mostly want to say THANK YOU to all of you for offering guidance and - most importantly, for me - hope. My optimism meter has been way low as of late, but that's changing because of the reading I've done on CB over the past few weeks. Just triaged my reports and they actually don't seem as bad as I had imagined. So, I've got my proactive hat on and I'm armed with the knowledge you've imparted. Thanks again. I'll be posting soon with more specifics to make sure I don't make any rookie mistakes after my CB cram sessions.
  4. Hi! Found CB via good old fashioned Google search. Happy to be here to work my way out of a pretty oppressive hole.

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