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  1. Thanks! The answer is in your signature
  2. Good luck! Patience and hard work pays off. This site helped a lot as well.
  3. First of all, a big thank you to all the users here who have answered my questions and helped me in my credit journey. I started off several years ago with many derogs, and a FICO of ~550. After 4 years of new trade lines, on-time payments, and a close eye on utilization, I have finally hit 700! (TU) I started with a single $300 secured Capital One MC. I now have $36,650 in credit card limits. -Nick
  4. nselig

    Bank CLI

    Checked my bank account today and saw an offer to raise my card from $12,000 to $16,600 Two years ago my credit was so poor I had a $300 secured card. I now have $31,150 in credit.
  5. nselig


    Thanks. Yes, that's right. Can't wait. Likewise! Thanks for all the great advice. TY!
  6. nselig


    Hi all, been a while since I posted. Since I was on last, my TU finally joined the 700 club and I've had increases on a couple cards. I was recently approved by myself at a prime rate for an additional car, something that never would have been possible a couple years ago. All I am waiting for now is two old derogs to drop off my EQ.
  7. Sure, thanks. Thanks, that's helpful. I have a subscription to their monitoring service, as well as TU. I can pull my reports once a day.
  8. Hello all, Based on this picture, when should this fall off? I don't see a field of last activity like under my other EQ section.
  9. In Canada the Equifax Credit Score, which if I'm not mistaken is a separate model from its American namesake, is available to lenders. I've always been confused at to which is actually viewed by lenders, but haven't been able to get an answer.
  10. to my knowledge the Equifax Credit Score is not available to lenders at all. Thanks. I did some googling and couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise here in Canada. I did see it stated as a model for 'educational purposes.' I updated my signature to show the FICO score of 632.
  11. Yep, that is why. I've disputed all three multiples times with verification every time. Two are due to drop off April/October of this year, and the other collections next year. Don't sweat it... the time will fly by. In the meantime, just keep doing what you've been doing. Keeping utilization low and paying early Thanks!
  12. Just purchased my FICO score for EQ instead of their proprietary scoring model and it shows 632. Unfortunately they don't offer a subscription for the FICO one. I wonder which one lenders are seeing.
  13. Yep, that is why. I've disputed all three multiples times with verification every time. Two are due to drop off April/October of this year, and the other collections next year.
  14. Just an update, I did see an significant increase on Transunion, however Equifax only reported a 3 point increase once I hit 2 years 1 month. Perhaps the three derogs are weighing it down too heavily (2011-2012)
  15. Nice work!! Thanks! Sure, so before the increases my UT would have been 12 percent. The balance was on one card only which would have been 38 percent UT on said card (Canadian Tire) Now, it would be 6 percent of all available revolving credit, or 18 percent of the CT card. (Soon to be lower as I'm paying my purchase off)
  16. A few weeks ago my TU was at 605. four accounts updated another month as paid and I received two CLI's. I assume I hit a new AAOA. In three weeks my score jumped multiple times and is already at 685! 80 point increase in a month isn't too shabby.
  17. But, remember $8000 Cdn$ is only like $500 USD..LOLOLOL But, remember $8000 Cdn$ is only like $5 USD..LOLOLOL FTFYthose square tyres lead to a terribly uncomfortable ride. Aye, come here and live like a king amongst our worthless plastic money.
  18. I'd just wait until warmer weather.. We are getting bombarded in a couple places right now.
  19. So after a couple declines for CLI on cards for low usage, my only card carrying a balance was approved for yet another increase after only 3 months since my last one. Canadian Tire may be a subprime store card, but they have given me several increases in a year. I started at $500 and am now at $8000. I do use their point system as I shop there, and they were the first card to grant me unsecured credit.
  20. Thanks! I'd be interested to know what caused two significant jumps in such a short time frame but I'm not sure. I can't view AAOA on TU.
  21. Posted a thread last week how my TU score jumped from 605 to 627. Just checked in now and it jumped again to 658. Two changes showing: Scotiabank reported another month update with my CLI showing. CIBC updated another month paid. As mentioned before, perhaps I hit a milestone with AAOA. That's a 53 point increase in two weeks.
  22. nselig

    Hitting a wall

    Thanks all. I think it's important for me to remember simply having more credit doesn't aid me in better scores when I'm not carrying balances. I have around 20k in credit now, when last year I could only get a single $500 card and the year before only a secured card. Realistically I use about $200 a month in credit, so my limits are redundant as is.

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