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  1. Sorry guys, I'm back. I believe that my issue is the opposite. They have always combined the multiple payments into a single payment. The payments are always above the minimum. Furthermore, every time I pay, the calculated minimum typically decreases though they do have a floor. After looking back over my account the analyst said that he understands what I was trying to do but that an early payment is never allowed on a revolving account. So in the span of time that $500 was due, I paid $1000 and picked up 2 lates (which I wasn't monitoring for at all). They refused to remove the lates. And yes, I understand that PIF is the preferred option, but it wasn't an option for me.
  2. So, I have a couple of Comenity cards that I thought I was being smart on and paying early to stay ahead. That's not quite how it played out though. For example, $40 due Oct 1 paid $60; 3 weeks later paid $60; 3 weeks after paid $60 and so on and so on. So in 12 months, I've made 16 or 17 payments instead of 12. Unfortunately, if an extra (separate) payment was made before the next billing cycle, it was not applied as an early payment. Of course, that made some of my payments "late" although I've paid more than what was due, more often, and early. This is how I've managed to do so well with cars? I guess it doesn't work the same with credit cards. Is this normal?
  3. I pay Citibank electronically at least two weeks before due date and they consistently post the payment a couple of days after the due date. Then, we go through this whole dance where I complain and they refund the late fee, etc. If it wasn't 0%, I'd probably have closed it by now.
  4. My current and previous employer are both very large Fortune 500 companies that do report to TALX. My report was unbelievably accurate, which, in this case, is scary. It shows what I make every pay period (to the penny) as well as what I didn't make. What I mean is that you can draw a pretty accurate picture of overtime, vacation, leaves of absence, etc. I also have current creditor inquiries and past debt collector inquiries.
  5. COB Score: Pre-qualified so no score given EX FICO: 655 CS: 699 Credit.com: Can not update score at this time (not sure why - EX is not currently frozen)
  6. I'm experiencing the same thing. I have SC but can't bump the last three inquiries at all. On a side note, I've also used MPM for about 4 or 5 months and I've never bumped a single inquiry from EQ.
  7. My thinking was to have the ability to see changes quickly by always having one available to pull after an alert. They may have been short-sighted. I'll definitely start pulling daily. Thanks for the responses.
  8. I have had both MPM and SmartCredit for 3 months and have yet to achieve TU bumpage. Although I don't pull both daily, I alternate each daily which by my count gives me more than enough pulls over 3 months to reach the magic number. What am I doing wrong? (I never check backdoor if that matters.) Also, since I've not seen TU B*, you know I've never seen EQ B*!!
  9. So, I applied at two different credit unions at the same time and both use Andera for verification. Both send me an email link to verify two micro-deposits in order to fund my new account and verify my funding account. Well, I can't verify either account. First, only one set of deposits came through although both cu's show deposits were completed on their end. In case it matters, deposits for the cu that I applied to first are the ones that showed up, but wait... Those deposit amounts did not match the amounts that they show, however... They do match the amounts that the second cu shows (but under the first cu's name) verified by phone by a csr who told me that they were unrelated in any way to the first cu but that the amounts were right. (If I didn't talk so much I could've gotten this one verified but I was working through the confusion and told her that her deposits didn't show but the other cu's did.) Anyway, I have to verify and fund both by snail mail. Very weird. Be careful with multple apps involving Andera. (And I'm assuming that this is an Andera issue based on the csr's response.) Of course, this whole experience may just be unique to me. In other words, YMMV.

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