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  1. Thank you for the replies and suggestions everyone. Rewards/cash back are of little to no importance at the moment, my main hope is that she can get a card that will grow with her credit and not be stuck with a low limit forever. I was leaning towards Amex before starting the thread, so I'll talk with her and see what she wants to do! I appreciate all of the feedback from everyone
  2. Wondering what the best first credit card for my SO would be so she can continue to build her credit? Background: She's 21, has made around 25-30 on-time payments on her vehicle that's in her name, and has a couple years of on-time utility and phone bill payments. She's never had a credit card before or anything negative on her credit. She has no debt other than what's left on her vehicle. She's looking to apply for her first CC to start building her credit. She is very responsible and is employed full time as a police officer. Though it's not too important to her at this point, cash back would interest her most with earning miles coming in second. What are your suggestions?
  3. Synchrony seems to be pretty generous right now. Was approved for Lowe's in October for a low limit, immediately called and increased to $17k. Haven't used it at all and used the luv button and immediately approved for my requested $25k. Thought what the heck and hit it again, asking for $45k. Countered with $35k. Amazon $6k increased to $10k.
  4. Just closed on my new house so figured it was perfect timing to app for a card I've been eyeing for quite awhile...Lowe's 😄 There's a Lowe's right down the street from my neighborhood and I have some purchases planned for the near future. Applied online instant approval $2k. Immediately called and asked for $25k, countered with $17k. Works for me! Pulled TU 721 Fico 8
  5. Earlier on during my rebuilding, I applied for and was approved for a Chase Freedom with a limit of $800. My scores were mid 600s back then. I never requested an increase, and only used it minimally, but I got an auto CLI a few months later which doubled my limit to $1600. I eventually applied for a Slate and was approved for $4800, so I combined my limits and closed the Freedom since I knew it was never going to be anything significant. Now I have a Slate with a $6400 limit. Definitely an option for you if you wish to apply for a different Chase card down the road. I wanted the Slate to transfer a balance, and eventually when my credit is where I want it I will apply for a Sapphire or something of the like and combine limits to close the Slate.
  6. Used the luv button a few days ago. I've had the card open for about 8 months, limit has been $1900. Requested 8k, instantly approved. Should've asked for more! This was with a balance on the card too.
  7. Thanks In the thread I read, there were at least another handful of people who tried the same thing after reading others' experiences and they were all also upgraded
  8. So, after reading a thread about this topic on another forum I decided it was worth a shot. I've had my Capital One Platinum MasterCard for 3 months now, and it has been carrying a $1,300 balance on it (only CC with a balance, will PIF next month). I hit the luv button 2 weeks ago and received a $150 CLI. And just now, I used the online chat feature and simply asked if my card was eligible for any upgrades. Within 30 seconds the represntative was able to upgrade my Platinum to a 1.5% cash back Quicksilver with no annual fee. After only 3 months! I was quite suprised, and the whole process took less than 5 minutes. This was also with no HP. I am pretty happy with Capital One right now Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Luckily for me, I only clicked on page 9 and it happened to be there. He was gonna make you read the whole thread
  10. I started at $800 and did the online chat immediately after approval and went to $4,000. Then called and was at $5,000 within 3 days of opening the account.
  11. I requested a CLI on my VS card through the button online and it was a soft pull
  12. Thanks for the responses. No, I do not plan on trying for any loans anytime in the near future, was just curious!
  13. A few years ago I ran into some credit problems and have been laying low ever since, rebuilding since recently. My scores dipped pretty low and have now come back up to the mid 600s. What I'm wondering though is how much joint auto loans that are paid off have helped me? I have 3 joint auto loans on my reports ranging from $20,000-$48,000 that were all open for approximately 12 months or so before being paid off in full. All 3 accounts were before I ran into my credit problems. They all had 0 late payments. How much did this help my credit? Or how much do joint installment accounts help one's credit? I've been wondering this for awhile now so I figured I'd ask.

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