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  1. I was BK 7 discharged Aug 05. Zero debt since then. No cc since then, either. I was just put onto my mom's cc as a joint account 2 months ago. current ave score ~ 615 what kind of auto interest rate should I expect to get????
  2. We are pre-approved, but at 8.5% interest..... We're told to pay a company to clean up our credit for 3 months & refinance for a better rate. #1) good idea? #2) When can I apply for a credit card? I heard it's not good to do so within 6 months of getting a mortgage loan? #3) Is VA home loan better than conventional in our case? We're waiting for approval on that. Background - Bk 7 discharge 10/04. ave. score 610 (DH is a little worse). No debt now, no car loan, no credit cards. Tried cleaning reports best I could.
  3. So, it's NOT good to get an unsecured credit card 6 months prior to getting a home loan??? Why? Is it OK to get a SECURED credit card prior? What is the difference in the cards, regarding getting approval for the home loan? Thanks!!
  4. I was discharged Chp 7 in 8/04 and have been debt free ever since (no car loan, no mortgage). I want to get a credit card to begin building back my credit. DH & I *hope* to buy a home this spring ($200k), and I hope to improve my credit by then with this credit card. What general card should I get? I plan to pay it off every month & not carry a balance. T 617 Eq 636 Ex 597 Please help me with any tips, advice, etc for raising my fico scores in order to get a mortgage. How long before I'll notice a change on my reports? Can I qualify for a mortgage with the scores I have now? We make about $75k per year total and my scores are better than DH. Any advice appreciated!
  5. I did contact my lawyer about it, and they said it's in my hands to work it out. What I'd like to try is getting it removed as 'not mine' first. If that doesn't work, per my lawyer, I'd have to send them my BK paperwork proving it was included. Do I have a chance to remove it as not mine???
  6. I was discharged with Ch 7 in Aug 04. Cap One STILL says I owe $15k, even though this was included in the BK. How do I go about fixing this??? What sample letters can you show me? I can't get a credit card, mortgage, or even a new apartment. HELP!!!!!
  7. what does "seasoning" mean? I had Chpt 7, not 13. What does that mean for me?
  8. REVANS - just curious, how much do you think we could qualify for? What interest rate do you think we'd be around? We're in the chicagoland western suburbs.
  9. _______________________________ I'm guestimating at my actual scores b/c they're not in front of me, but they are around 590, 618, 620. We have NO credit cards, thus NO debt at all. The car payments were $200/month for 4 years. *** What is "DTI", and what does "50-55%" mean?
  10. Husband & I have terrible credit history. Before we were married, I filed Chpt 7 & was discharged Aug 04. Before I did, I had multiple late payments & bounced checks. Since then, I have one medical bill that should've been included in bktpy + on all 3 CR's it says I owe a balance of $15k to Bank One, which was also included in bktpy. ** How do I fix these two incorrections? Before we were married, Husband had multiple late payments & non-payments on utilities & 3 credit cards. Balance range from $100-$500. He bounced multiple checks, but paid the banks back. I understand we are in a terrible spot, but want to buy a condo/home for about $150k. We can save $2k/month, and have $5k saved so far. We don't plan on more than 3% down. ** Do we take advantage of VA home loan, or 1st time home buyer loan? What's better? We realize we'll have to pay a higher interest rate, and are ok with that while working on re-establishing our credit. We want something on the cheapest end possible in our area. We can get letters from our landlord proving we've paid our rent on time every month if that'll help. I've also paid my car on time each month for 4 years. My average FICO is about 618. His is a little lower, about 600. Before my bktpy my FICO was 720+, so I have major potential to get my life back on track! All our financial problems were due to his health, which is now on the right course. Soooooo, if there's any mortgage lenders out there, would we even be able to qualify for a loan???? If so, how much & at what interest rate? If we go talk to someone in person, do they charge a fee? What's the procedure to begin pre-approval? I should add, I make $46k/year minus taxes. Husband gets disability $2k/month with no taxes taken out.
  11. I wanted to know if anyone found out what CRA different credit card companies look at? My 3 CRA reports vary slightly, and I want to make sure whoever I apply for looks at the better CRA report. THanks!
  12. Forgive my ignorance, but what is "OC/CA" stand for? CRA is credit report agency = experian, trans union, equifax - right? If that's the case, the CRA's are asking for my ss# and full account number. I can't remember which of the 3 asked, but I didn't know if it was safe to send that through the mail, and how many eyes it'd pass through till it go to the right person.
  13. HOW DID YOU REMOVE THE BKPTY AND COLLECTIONS, ETC.?????? Do you have a letter template you can share? I had Chpt 7 discharged 08/04 and don't know where to begin disputing. I've been reading this site for a long time, but can't find a good clear-cut way to going about disputing the bkpty and collections and late payments. Thanks!
  14. How do you delete Bk off your credit report????

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