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  1. Missty, Thank you, These are the links I was searching for
  2. stk, Thank you for the link! I will check them out.
  3. of whom to use. I know this subject was covered a few weeks ago and for the life of me I can not find it in a Search.... I'm unsure as to what kind of fees we should be paying, i have an offer from a company that will charge us .21 cents / transaction, offers a monthly lease with a choice of 4 different machines. Dose not give me any monthly lease rates to go by w/o calling them. Any suggestions? As always T I A
  4. concerning the name & number of an individual you gave me as contact info involving the papers I faxed you ~ 3 weeks ago. Please PM me Thank you Much!
  5. Tycoon

    IVY Mgmt

    My apologies the the board for double posting my bad
  6. Thx for the reply ( all of ya's) I like this approach, especially if it worked for you, Good Job Are you saying you were able to delete all 31 addresses??? wooooooooow!!! I am using this approach and will be sending this off on Monday. I do not feel like calling Experian at this time to disputue these as i feel your proven approach here is much more powerful!! Good work And thanks again for this advice.
  7. Fax it? I just checked out with the products I wanted to buy. It was so simple! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep, Just what KEVP said. Pick out your products and checkout. It' just that simple. A very EZ tradeline to aquire.
  8. Today they called to verify that I applied and I said yes and then the lady said that I will receive something in 7 - 10 days ?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Give CS a call today. Ask them how much you CL is, as you would like to make a purchase today using this new account. OR wait for Citi fraud dept. to call you on monday to verify info. (unless that is who called you this afternoon to verify. If you just call CS @ the same # you referred to the code you received they will tell you your CL/status.
  9. Breeze Thanks for the number and the info regarding terms. BTW, Congratulations on that CLI from Advanta
  10. Those of you that have this card, can you tell me the approval process ? I did an online Application on Thursday for this card, at the end of the app i was "thanked for applying" and a message. i will receive thier decision within 7 days. Then it takes me to a page and asks the names of employees I would like cards printed for as well.( I was to the understanding this app was an instant approval/denial....) What is your experience with this card ? Is it worth the trouble ? My understanding is this is a net 30, correct ? Any suugestions are appreciated as always.
  11. You make a valid point as i was able to achieve the same results with my 1st round of disputes having 16 deletions between the 3 CRA's with the old and inaccurate addresses still in tact. Do you still show the address which the BK was tied to? Congrats to you on your success to date, esp removing that BK! That had to have helped your fico a bit, huh? wishing you all Continued success!
  12. I like that approach. Hit em back to re-pull once the Paydex shows. I for one am interested in learning of the outcome when this happens. Will you please keep us posted with your results? Good Luck!
  13. Tycoon


    SCREW Dell go to Tiger Direct.com They carry a broad line of electronics (you name it) they will configure any laptop,pc, notebook, etc to your specs. You are assigned an account rep. they have super service. Check em out. Terms,Net 30 CONGRATS on the approvals
  14. Excellent, Thank you Congrats on that approval!
  15. No credit app. to fill out. Just place an order online or print the order form, enter the products you wish to purchase and fax it to the number listed at the bottom of the order page. I dont about the ease of getting OD if having an account w/ Viking.

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