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  1. Thank you. I just find it really shocking that our government lets them get away with it.
  2. I don't know what etiquette you are talking about. I came to research the Orion issue, posted on each that I read and was interested in, thinking my experience might be of interest and helpful to others. Also, I didn't want to fill up another person's thread with my own big long story, which is why I opened the other thread, and mentioned it here. I have never posted in any forum before, so I apologize if I did something wrong unknowingly. Maybe you can explain to me what I did exactly, so I don't do it again. Thank you.
  3. It's awful. I started a new thread, and posted my whole experience with them. It's got to be a serious crime to commit this kind of fraud.
  4. SERVICE MEMBERS BEWARE!! My husband got a letter from Orion Recovery several months ago, while I was deployed. He responded to it, by phone message (noone answered), that I was out of the country, and we would investigate the matter on my retutn. He got another letters, threatening our credit, so he sent an email to their "feedback@orionrecovery.com" address. He got a 3rd letter, which he did not open, but wrote "deployed" on it, and put it in another envelope with a little note stating the same. He sent this certified, and it was signed for. We saw that this was on our credit report. He called in to the Orion office, and was told that an account manager would call him back. No call back happened. I got back in May 2015, and we figured we would get it straightened out simply. I called Orion Revovery, and reached a guy named "C" w/a Southern accent. I explained to him that they had acted illegally by adding something to my credit, while I was deployed. He said that I should have let them know. I explained to him about the history with the letters, to which he responded "Do you want to worry about then, or focus on now?" I thought that to be quite rude, so I asked for a manager. I was put on hold, and it was answered by a woman "R" that identified herself as manager. I told her what was going on, and that I thought that her collector was not professional, and she put me on hold. When she came back on, there was a ton of background noise. People talking and laughing, kids (sounding) carrying on. I told her that I was having a hard time hear her. She put me on hold again. After a few minutes, she came back, and it was relatively quiet. We spoke briefly about the debt, and she advised me that since it was on my credit, my only choice was to pay or leave it on my credit. I said no, I have the right to dispute it. She said that it was past that point, and asked me for a credit card #. I said "you have to be kidding me", to which she responded that I was "kidding myself", and we disconnected. We live in Colorado, so we decided to get our paperwork together, and go to their office in Canon City, Colorado. We pulled up to the addressame our GPS took us to. It was a campground called Prospectors RV Resort. We thought it a mistake, so we drove a bit more, but then ended up back at this campground. We pulled in, parked, and went in to the office. When we walked in, we saw that it was a little general store and liquor store, with a registration desk. I went to the desk, where an improperly dressed brunette that had been outside smoking asked us if we were checking in. I said "Actually, we are a little lost. Do you know where we can find this address?" She informed me that I was at the right address. I explained to her that I was looking for "R". She said "yeah, that's my boss, but she's not here, but should be back soon. Do you want to speak to "M", her husband. I said "No, I will just look around a little." I got the brochure, and looked around the store a little. We walked out to our car, and got online to look some things up. We watched people come and go. I saw the girl come out to smoke and drink a beer with some guys at the picnic table. I saw people smoking what looked to be pot around the corner. I figured there must be an office here somewhere. We went down to a separate looking house along the highway. It was empty, minus a cat on the porch aND some bags of garbage. We went back to the office, where I went to the registration desk again. I asked if "R" was back, and was told no, not yet. I asked her if she was familiac with a company called Orion Recovery. She said "oh, yeah. That's "R"'s other business." I said "oh, good. Where do I find it?" She said "in there" & waived st an office off the liquor store, where a young girl was surfing the Internet. I said "well, can I speak to someone?" She said that there might be someone upstairs, and got up and started heading to the back of this office. At what looked like a laundry room, she saw we were following her, and told us to wait. After a minute, she came back, and said everyone must be gone, and went back to her desk. I asked her what normal hours for the "office" were. She said it was hard to tell. I said "can you find out when "r" will be back? We drove quite a long way." She got on the phone, and I heard her talking to someone. She asked me if I was a lawyer, or had a business card. I said "no, I'm a client." She hung up the phone, and told me to call back Monday. What the heck! We left. Thankfully, my hubby took several pics of the place. I emailed disputes in to the crefit bureaus, and filed complaints with the BBB, the Attorney Generals office, the Military Consumer website, Telekom, and to Orion Recovery. This place has a license, but it's pretty sketchy. I don't feel very safe having my personal information accessible to a campground, liquor store, and children. Something should be done about this place. Oh, and by the way, I got an email back from Orion stating that my debt had been canceled in their system and that there would be no further contact. I sent that to the credit bureaus, and I'm hoping they get it cleared up soon. Hope this helps someone.
  5. Beware Orion Recovery. I actually went there, thinking it to be suspicious. It's a very weird setup, in a campground office in Colorado. I am going to open a thread about them, and what they are doing.
  6. Orion Recovery is located at a campground in Colorado. It has a license to collect, per the Attorney General website. I researched this place, as I received the same kind of letter. I live in Colorado, so after what I thought was a suspicious phone conversation, I drove there. I am going to open a thread about this. I reported it to the AG, Consumer Reports, and the BBB. Search Orion Recovery to see the full story.

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