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  1. No i dont have one an doubt i can get one... i just looked up the tricare policy on divorces and it says the coverage ends at 12:01 am the same day the divorce was finalized. ... i do have a bill from the hospital saying that insurance covered that portion of the bill but not sure what good that would do
  2. Hello! Need some guidance on how to do this the RIGHT way as to not mess my situation up any further. A few years ago i went to the hospital racked up a bill. I had military health insurance through my husband but our divorced was finalized like less than a year prior to the hospitalization. I called the hospital and they applied the insurance and everything was wiped clear. Now years later i check my credit report and BAM there it is. It's been less than 4 years ago so I'm not in the clear as far as SOL is concerned. I'm assuming the military later rejected my claim? What should i do? C
  3. PS i got more than i asked for with the WM CLI... Should of asked for more lol kidding
  4. HEY GUYS!!! So i just applied Wally Store Card... online got instant approval for under $500 i was like NO! but thanks to you lovely people i found a BD number... I called and got my SL raised to over 4k! like more than a 10x increase! background... AAOA under 1 year for 3 accounts... 2 credit cards with AAOA is only 8 months... 1 baddy - paid fed tax lien ... I also ap'd Cabela got the 7 to 10 day but called and was approved... so that's 4 cards... My goal is to get my limits above 10k and i'm not quite there, less than 1k to go... i was going to apply for Lowe's to pad my ut
  5. Bigpop excellent advice about the secured ... that was my thinking ... basically don't apply for stuff you have no real hope of getting... and def dont rack up a bunch of store cards you have no use for.
  6. Gosh that was harsh 😂😂😂 but the truth does hurt indeed! There's no crying in credit repair! So i totally agree but i wish i would of got additional cards in the beginning of my credit rebuilding / repair stage as now my AAOA looks like crap.... My advice would be to do the work, know that YMMV, do not just app on a wing and a prayer, do the research first and if the odds are in your favor and if you actually NEED the credit to pad/special use/AAOA for later ... go for it... My biggest regret is not applying for more credit in the beginning... my history is over 12 years but my AAOA
  7. Thanks Jeffe! I'll try that! I'll do it tomorrow and update with results... also going to freeze Experian
  8. Thank you! The "obsolete" dispute reason is not available for the public record. .. what should i select instead?
  9. Hey guys! So i have a PubRec that was stated to stop reporting this month on Trans & Eq . Ex said next month ... October i went on the online trans dispute and there was no option to obsolete delete a PR so i left it alone. Today i checked Credit Karma and it looks like it is off my Equifax (only bumped 1 point up on that vantage score 😟)... so this is the situation. I need to apply for a rental lease this Saturday in NorthCarolina .... i really dont want this PR showing... i was thinking i could freeze trans & ex and hope they pull ex ... but what if they want to pull trans & ex a
  10. Omg great news! I was thinking I'd have to wait for 6 more months at the least before i could apply for penfed.... dcu declined me because of chex when the entry was 4 years old
  11. Tmcgill .... is it 5 years for sure? I have an entry approaching the 5 year mark in less than 6 months... from what I've read they normally auto delete in 5 years but have a right to keep for 7
  12. Lowe's is a great card for padding util...you can get bumped up to a pretty big CL fairly quickly with soft pulls, plus you get 5% off your purchases and access to special financing for large purchases...also, no AF, so why not? Currently have zero store cards looking to do an app spree once i reach AAOA of 1year and zero inquiries in previous 6 months goal is an Amex and Penfed visa (or other prime visa) with starting limits of at least 5k current cards are cap1 qs and discover .... i could use lowes for stuff lile extension cords, light bulbs and minir household items.... Question: giv
  13. I'm wondering the same for TU .... I'm trying to dispute a PubRec as obsolete but the option is not there... What's next? Anyone? Bueller ? Lol
  14. Inquiries may not matter that much for fico but certain lenders pay attention to them...
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