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  1. ^^^ NFCU does not report to D&B, EX or EQ business for me and I haven't seen anything to prove otherwise for anyone else Is $125K your gross revenue or your net income? I'd start wherever you bank for business. If you run your revenue through a bank that offers business products, you should easily be able to get a LoC for 10% of your gross revenue at a much better rate than that of the NFCU BCLOC. If you can't get that where you bank, any big box bank like BOA, Chase, Wells Fargo, TD Bank will offer it to you with a 740 if you are running your revenue through their bank and can show them 2 years of tax returns. And before anyone asks, it will be a PG
  2. Unless you are desperate, the NFCU BCLOC rate is not low at all. I can't confirm that they report to SBFE, but they don't report anywhere else. If you are trying to "help the Business Credit scores," NFCU doesn't fit the bill. The only good reasons I can think of to get their business credit products is you need a "generous" line to run your very small business, you can't get better anywhere else and they have a branch close to you. If you have a legitimate business that shows a profit on your taxes, there are much better products out there.
  3. I am all for privacy but what harm does not removing personal info in the original post have? Can’t anyone find personal and biz link using the sources you mentioned? I am not sure what harm the original post could have if the OP doesn't remove their personal info. I guess it depends on what the op meant when he wrote tying his company name and hispersonal name together could "make things sticky for him later" Yes anyone can find the personal to business link using the sources I mentioned if a poster puts their company's name and/or their name in a post for everyone on the internet to read and search engines and data miners to find. There is this thing called irony...
  4. NAV didn't do you any harm. Manta, Buzzfile, the state of WI, Cataloxy had already tied you together Took me less than 2 seconds to put those two together. Now go remove your personal information from your post.
  5. An exactly $4500 line showed up on my EQ report this past week. The only new account in the last few months is FleetCor. The only $4500 line I have is FleetCor, if its not FleetCor have no idea what it could be.
  6. I haven't seen it report yet, used it every month for the last 6 months in an attempt to get it to report.
  7. FleetCor showed up on my EQ after ~3 months, still hasn't hit EX or D&B
  8. Chase, Citi, and most other larger banks and credit cards report to D&B, but only if the payment is drafted from a business bank account. If you make your business credit payment using a personal bank account, it will be considered a personal credit payment and will not be included in the D&B report. Can you post a redacted screenshot of your iupdate or a D&B report from NAV showing this? This has not been my experience.
  9. No luck getting mine to report I've hit it every month since April
  10. Do you have to add your personal info to Nav or can you just enter your business info? Whats the costs associated with? I have had a PO Box in my business name for almost two years.. YESSSSSSS you do!!! I would be VERY careful with NAV!!!! This board about Biz credit is to keep us from PG a TL and etc!! NAV puts your personal and business INFO TOGETHER!!!!!! BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!! There are certainly times when a PG is appropriate. If you have ever done any basic credit investigation on a company, it is very easy to connect personal and business and if you don't think it is being done by credit analysts, you are fooling yourself. And to get back on topic, my USPS account with business PO Box (which is only used for accounts receivable) does not show up anywhere on my D&B report that I can see, but I did pay however many years in advance they would let me.
  11. Yes, they can absolutely see it. I must have triggered some sort of flag to get a financial plan consultation/review at the end of last year, so I decided to hear him out and use it as a platform to address some USAA banking customer service issues I had encountered. He could see the outside accounts and amounts as we discussed them.
  12. BRBiz (or anyone else) have any idea what I can do to trigger it to report? I've had it a little over a year.
  13. Where do you see AT&T reporting? I don't see it reporting for me, I'm thinking its because I set it up for autopay originally.
  14. Does the name of your business start with an "F"?
  15. They will pull your personal (TU from my experience).

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