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  1. I've been using the Wex/7 Eleven fleet card for a while now; without noticing that they do not have a grace period to pay your monthly due bill, I have been paying it like around the 25th of every month; a real example my bill is due on the 22nd of each month with a cut off time of 3:30 pm; I thought it was at 6 pm; I just made the payment an hr ago; they will now proceed to report my payment as late on D&B; If you pay on the 23rd, is too late; they will report you late; crazy! Hate Wex cards!! Here to the Gurus of our Forum: What's a good non-Wex fleet card with a grace period?
  2. Just declined by Mercedes Commercial; per the finance guy, MB does not go by D&B or Experian but another Bus credit source call Paynet or Netpay or something like that; Per this finance guy I only have one item in that credit source; so weird, i do have 8+ accts reporting in my Experian and a Good D&B rating(1R3) BRBiz any idea who is it that MB pulls?
  3. My Respect & Appreciation to you BRBiz, Diego and President; I have been running my own businesses since I was 18; made lots of $$$ in these last 20 yrs and have also loss a lot; life is a school that never ends teaching you; is up to you if you are open to learn, by keeping your eyes and arms open; many people choose to close their eyes and arms since success is really not for everyone; but it sure is for those of us here sharing knowledge in good faith without getting anything but happiness/satisfaction by helping/guiding others. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Lets make 2017 the best we can; unity, respect and team work are key to achieve our goals; God bless you all!
  4. Good evening Guys; anyone enjoying game 7 or what? Go Cubs! BRBIZ : Does Ally Auto pulls Experian (my file is blank)? or just a strong D&B would do? Want to finance an use Ford Transit 250 , 2015 , 2000 miles going for $32,000 Thank you as always!
  5. As a matter fact paid for the Experian Business annual membership and when i log in there it does says that i have no lines reporting; was thinking that maybe s due to the fact that the address reflecting in my there is the one for my accountant (register agent for the corp) and not my office address which is the address that all my credit accounts have. They do ask me there to provide them with my creditors info so they can report my history of business with them; I guess i ll have to go that route. Do you suggest that i check Experian in a different way?
  6. Well; Its funny or just weird how they(BJ's) approved me while on the phone doing the application; $9k back in April of this yr. Corp was open in April 2014
  7. Forgot to mention that at D&B i have an 80 paydex with lots of payments on time in the payment history!
  8. Just an update in regards to my application on Sam's Bus Mastercard (no PG) , downloaded app from their site, filled it and took it to the nearest store as indicated; rep at their customer service counter keyed in and said that I will hear from them in 5 to 7 days....how great is that? So i got back to my office and called Synchrony , nice rep answered, located my app verify my bus telephone number by calling it while with me in the other line, after that went well the guy transferred the call to their underwritting dept, nice guy 2 , had me on hold for like 20 minutes he really tried , the guy then came back and told me that my Bus Experian had nothing in it. I told the guy about my Amazon card with the same bank(them), then he replied and said that i can re apply with a Pg. A Week before that I requested an increase of line with Bj's MAstercard, 6 months paying on time and carrying a balance almost max out by the six month right before i pulled the trigger with the request; so they sent me a letter saying that as of April 11,2016 with Experian is 0. Whats going on here thats the date when i first got approved with them for $9k, and 6 months after paying them on time they referring to the score of back then? This is what I have till now: (net 30) Almost all of this being a yr old or more Quill: $600 (many orders over $300 and up Staples: $2,500 a few orders Sears: $8,500 Uline: $500 plenty of order of $200 plus At&t: 5 lines active T mobile: 10 lines active Staples: $2,500 A few orders of $500 plus Msc Industrial: $1,000 haven order in a while Grainger: $1,000 Revolving: Amazon: $2,500 buy every month $1,000 plus Bj's Mastercard: $9,000 used a lot Getting ready to applty at a Dodge dealer( New Dodge Pro master) via Ally Guys and BRBiz whats your take on this?
  9. BRBiz: I m filling the app now(Sam's) in the last section of the app (Authorize representative information) the ask for the SS# there. Did you put yours there? will they run your credit even if you are not filling out the PG section right below?
  10. Thank you for the response BRbiz & TwansWife. Giloka67: do you have that number to apply over phone? Please
  11. Good afternoon Guys: Applying for Sam's Mastercard. Do you need to be a Sam's club member in order to get approved? Thank you!

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