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  1. The buyer is not going to buy all your liabilities, just the name and equipment. You are still responsible for your assets. If you are a C-Corp or a S-Corp, it is possible for he or she to take over any corporate liabilities that are not PG'ed. I'm am in the process of buying an existing company, but i am only buying the name and the equipment and i'm assigning it a new number and putting it under my corp structure.
  2. yep, just be patient and follow the same path, get all your non-pg acct's, have a pay history for six months, get your CL increase on all, then after another 30days, go on a appl shopping spree, and after about another 30-60 days, then hit up the popular Citi Family (AA,PP,& CB) for a nice Credit Line.
  3. i definitely agree with you, the saying goes( it takes money to make money)
  4. just saw this link while doing some price comparisons on sam's club web-site, looks pretty simple, but i'm going to wait maybe a month or so, just got a bunch of credit this month. here is the link https://www.onlinecreditcenter2.com/SBLOC/S...PLOC_Entry.html
  5. It sounds like patience and creditbuilder lite worked for you. I'm still thinking about paying for the creditbuilder lite but I want to wait to at least to the end of March to see if I get a rating. I have 4 reporting but no rating. Experian has my address jacked up. They have my old home address, my new home address and my current business address as three separate files under my corp name (DCS and Associates). I sent a fax into experian requesting corrections last week. I am most interested in what your doing with you new business, putting it under your current corp umbrella. I opening a franchise but I have not decided on the corp structure. I would like to put it under the umbrella of my current corp but I need to know the pros and cons of that. Given all the hoops I am jumping through already to get established I don't see why I would start all over again, what do you suggest? u can separate the two or u can add it to your structure using the same EIN#, it's best to separate each company,(sep EIN#'s) but all is own by ONE company and not any one person, such as a DBA.
  6. u know it, balance transfer 0%
  7. i forgot to mention that my personal credit sucks
  8. I was a newbie back in 3/05, i sat back and watched, searched, posted a little, listened to the veterans of the Business Credit Game. Paid the $400 to incorporate and another $200 for credit builder lite from DNB. Started out with all the Office Cards and Home Depot Lines, and now a year later 3/06 i have over 145K in Credit with my biggest lines of CitiAA,PP & Thank You @ 25K each and HDMC @ 20K, Experian 17TL's and DNB 15TL's, now i'm just tired of other businesses calling and trying to sell me their services. But thanks to this wonderful board of people, I'm about to purchase another established business and put that company under my Corp umbrella. Thanks again CB gang.
  9. i forgot, if your business credit is strong, then don't worry about the PG, they won't pull, they did'nt pull mine
  10. if you got approve for one of these, you will get the others, if you haven't applied yet, then make sure you have at least 8 trades lines to get a decent CL
  11. maybe your business credit isn't strong enough, or maybe Citi has shut down the auto approval system and are starting to sift through the apps now, because it was like christmas gifts for a few months there
  12. does anybody know what Chase does on pulls on their apps (personal, business or both) Citi gives lots of luv, does chase feel the same way, here is the link: http://www.chase.com/ccp/index.jsp?pg_name...ry&cat=business

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