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  1. I think I am just going to pay it. It's so small and at least if my credit union does do a manual review, they'll see it as paid. Their practices seem to include a manual review to see if they can approve you rather than going solely based off credit score. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I just thought I'd pay it because the balance is sooooooo small.
  3. I think it depends on what type of entity you are dealing with. In general, original creditors (OC) have historically been unwilling to delete. Collection Agencies (CA) and Junk Debt Buyers (JDB) have been more open to negotiations. Also, a typical customer service or front line representative likely doesn't have authorization to even say Yes to a "pay for deletion (PFD" offer. You have to reach a manager or higher type person to get someone that can make that deal. If it is a CA or JDB, then don't have as much skin in the debt because they likely purchased it for less than 10% of face value. Honestly, I have had my best successes by threatening them with litigation. Basically hold the threat of imposing lots of legal expenses on them if they don't delete. That usually gets them to just walk away and also delete whatever they are reporting to the credit bureaus. But not everyone has the ability to play that game, because your target might call you on it, so don't necessarily try it. It's Wells Fargo, and a very small debt. I don't find them to be particularly helpful in any situation, but I thought I had a glimmer of hope. lol
  4. I see. I just wanted to get it off my report. My file is fairly thin and it was my fault. The balance is so small but it has a bigger effect because I don't have many tradelines.
  5. Hello all, And thank you in advance for reading. I have a few small charge-off accounts which I'd like to use the pay for deletion tactic. I know protocol is probably a written offer, but how likely is it that the creditor will agree? What does the process look like?
  6. Thanks for your support and encouragement! I will read all I can.
  7. Thanks so much for your advice. I am considering going back to school, but haven't enrolled for classes yet. I checked with Discover, and I was told that with good payment history, it will unsecure after the 13th statement cuts. Also they told me that if it doesn't, they do a soft hit every month after the 13th month to see if they can unsecure it. Wells Fargo advised me that it will unsecure after the 13th statement cuts. As far as a plan, I was hoping to secure some type of card for gas, groceries, and travel. These are the categories I spend the most on. I travel a bit for work, and sometimes I have to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed, which can be kind of inconvenient since I'm using my own cash. Are 2 cards enough to grow within the next 12 months? I am still waiting to hear from Amex. I would think if they were going to deny me, I would have thought they would have done that without requesting more info. *fingers crossed*
  8. Hello All, I am just beginning my credit journey, and could use a little advice. I currently live with my parents, and no real credit at all. One of my friends told me his first card was a discover card, so I apped for it. I wasn't approved, however I was offered the secured Discover IT card, so I took it and put $500 on it. I then proceeded to app at my bank(Wells Fargo), and I was also approved for their secured product only. I also put $500 on that card. They have both only been reporting for 1 month, and I have made several payments on Wells Fargo, and left $25 on it to show some utilization. The discover is at $0. I have used it, but paid it off. For some reason, I felt empowered and applied for an Amex, probably a bad idea, I know. >.< I applied for the Amex Everyday Preferred Card, wishing I had applied for the Amex Blue Cash Preferred. It has been a few days, and they asked me to verify my address, as well as send my bank statement, which I have done. Are there any other cards I should try for new credit? I don't think Amex is going to approve me, not even sure why I applied. Any suggestions? Thanks to everyone who reads this!

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