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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Here's what a friend said to me about it... "It merges your credit worthiness and creates a "new" score. It also puts any debt on both people's report, regardless of whether or not it's new or old or was acquired solo or jointly. I have my ex's child support debt on my credit report, along with other various nonsense!"
  2. I have been told that if you open a joint bank account with someone who has less desirable credit that it will affect the other account holder with the good credit? I'm curious if this is accurate.
  3. Good evening folks, I was approved for an FHA mortgage and am gathering the income documentation they need, which includes 2014 and 2015 W2s. Does that include a 2014 1099-G? If so, where do I acquire a duplicate if I no longer have the original? For the record, I'm in Pennsylvania.
  4. I have followed your guidelines, just wasn't sure which letter to include when I correspond next with the CRAs. I plan to send them an invoice the OC sent to me showing the debt has been satisfied. The original dispute started in May, 2016. The debt is from May, 2015. The OC was paid with a bank money order.
  5. I am working to get rid of a medical collection from my credit report. I have already disputed with the CRA and CA, which the debt was validated. I have paid the OC and received an inoice showing the debt as paid. Now I need a form letter to send to the CRAs so the debt is removed from my reports, Can someone help with this?
  6. I've called from a landline every time. They put me on hold but never return. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  7. I've been trying to get my birth date corrected for a while with no luck. I've faxed my driver's license as they requested, have been disconnected from at least a dozen phone calls, and they still tell me they can't access my account to see my report. What should I do now? I even asked for a phone number for their fulfillment department but they apparently don't have one. Help!!!! Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks so much. I read over it and was curious if the letter would still work if my CA is reporting to the CRAs. Also, should I wait to proceed until I see if the CA removes the CRA listing or merely updates it as paid?
  9. Would this letter work on a CA account reporting to the CRAs, when I was under a payment arrangement with the OC? I just paid it off with the OC yesterday and would like the collection account removed from my reports.
  10. And for clarification, the oil company verified with me that they still own the debt and CBY was merely a collection agent used by them. That might dictate how I should now proceed.
  11. I'm so sorry for missing your response. I never received a notification so I somehow overlooked it. Their name on my paperwork is Credit Bureau of York but their website shows CBY Systems. They do a lot of things including credit collection and real estate services. The "credit bureau" in their name is misleading. Anyway, I have satisfied my debt with the OC and it is is now paid in full. I had them send me a letter stating the obligation was satisfied. What is my next step to have the CA entry removed from my credit reports? Is there a form letter to use? The entire debt was taken care of through the OC.

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