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  1. Hahaha. I just got -7 in reputation for responding in a thread where I was called out by username in comment #2. The "moderators" at this site are ridiculous.
  2. I'm specifically called out by username by a guy who wrote a blog post based on one of my comments, but me replying is "not suitable for this forum." Hilarious. Where did I say *I* only get a penny apiece? I haven't redeemed any Amex points, but I know that choosing 30,000 MR points instead of $500 to $900 in cash is a bad move almost every single time. This guy apparently needs to put a whopping $30,000 down on a $56,000 car. How on earth is it better for him to tie up money in MR points when it could, if he asked, be immediately gained via cash discount? Also, no, I have no firsthand experience owning or running a car dealership, and I highly doubt that guy does, either. If he owned a car dealership, he would know that car dealers don't just shrug when someone says he wants to put $30,000 on a credit card, thus costing the dealer ~$900 in swipe fees.
  3. The fact that my Amex cards haven't reported to my credit reports — which, actually, they have — means I can't possibly know that choosing 30,000 MR points instead of $500 to $900 in cash is dumb? Come on. That's silly. I've been at FlyerTalk for years. ​Why do you keep saying this when it's demonstrably false? The guy in question started out saying the deal was yet to be negotiated. Then, when I mentioned that 30,000 MR points probably aren't worth what he seemed to think they are worth, he backpedaled and claimed the deal was "set in stone." No car deal is ever "set in stone" until money has been exchanged and the person drives off the lot. The dealer could be one second from swiping the hypothetical Amex card in question, and the guy could say, "Hey, instead of losing $900 in swipe fees, how about you knock $500 off the price," and there's no reason the dealer wouldn't at least consider it.
  4. This is just another appeal to authority, and a silly one at that. I don't need anyone to tell me that it's possible to get more than a penny apiece for MR points; I plainly acknowledged that in the other thread. The issue is whether someone — especially someone with bad credit — is better off getting $500 to $900 in cash or 30,000 MR points.
  5. The funniest thing is, the guy doesn't even have an Amex card. Do you really think he's going to go from $0 to $30,000 with Amex in the next 30 days?
  6. That's just a silly appeal to authority. The guy seemed shocked when I told him the 30,000 MR points aren't worth $500 to $900 in cash. If he had a grand redemption plan, he probably would have mentioned it.
  7. The guy's apparently pleading poverty to charge off $30,000 in student-loan debt but he's going to turn right around and drop a $30,000 down payment on a $56,000 vehicle. I actually feel quite comfortable being "judgmental" about that. Yes, because he apparently never asked about getting a discount for *not* using the CC, because he (wrongly) had it in his head that 30,000 MR points are worth far more than $500 (or more) in cash. Bad move, no. But if you ever deliberately charged things to get points that were worth less than a cash discount one might be able to get just by asking, then that *would* be dumb.
  8. The idea that a person whose credit is so bad that they need to put $30,000 down on a $56,000 vehicle should choose 30,000 MR points over $500 in cash is unbelievably silly.
  9. Thanks; just looked at it again. The disclosures were longer than the report. It says Chex inquiries only last 90 days to 3 years, so maybe that's why mine is blank.
  10. Sure, if points are truly their only option. The guy in question started out thinking 30,000 MR points are worth way more than $500 cash, which is nonsense.
  11. That's great advice, if the person in question doesn't have bad credit. As I said above, people with bad credit don't need points for hypothetical future trips; they need to maximize cash and minimize debt. As for the "set in stone" part, the deal obviously isn't set in stone. The guy obviously never even asked the dealer to knock $500 off instead of losing $900 in swipe fees, which any dealer with half a brain would jump at.
  12. I'll have to dig mine out again. I expected to see a bank account or two but got a blank report last month when it arrived.
  13. If it was me, I wouldn't apply again. There are too many banks out there to waste a third hard pull on one of them in the same 100-day period.
  14. Is there such a thing as a Chex hard pull? I have multiple bank accounts at major banks but my Chex report is blank.
  15. Wait at least 10-12 days and then call the status number. If it's giving you the 30-day message, you might be stuck in ID purgatory, so you can either take your chances and talk to someone or keep waiting. Over at FlyerTalk, I've seen people get Chase approvals after 20-25 days. Chase apparently does things its own way. Good luck.

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