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  1. I have freeze on all 3 files for past 6 months, and have received offers from Penfed twice in that time. freezing opts you out... opting out removes you from pre screened lists. sorry to learn about your ID theft. Not always true in the case of Penfed. With freeze on the big 3 for over 6 months, Penfed has given me offers 2 of past 3 quarters.
  2. As you like, but I don't come to CB for this type thing....in advanced credit forum no less. Cheers, and thanks for the relevant info you post.
  3. Been dealing with robocalls for well over a year on the business line, got to be a daily thing. A good day only 1 or 2 and sometimes 5 or more. Trying to talk to someone or find a way to stop the calls just doubled the frustration of course, and finally bought a call blocker about a month ago feeling that I had no other viable way to reduce the calls. The blocker has made a big difference, even without using the block all out of area, unlisted, no ID feature. It took a couple weeks to manually build up the black list, but recently robocalls are down to a very small number compared to before.
  4. Email for Chase Offers on Slate. Signed up and loaded a few to my sockdrawer Slate, will be a good way to keep the card active. $10 of $50 at Lowe's Hardware plus a couple 10% back offers I can use. Will be interested to see what new offers come along.
  5. Aptenia would be worth considering. Very drought tolerant, and will bloom for a majority of the year. Considered a sun loving plant, but will grow in dappled sun, perhaps a few less blooms as a result. There is a variegated type that I prefer over the solid green leaf variety but both are nice.
  6. Drove 1 1/2 hours south to Clemson, SC. Absolutely worth the effort for a view of totality, exceeded my expectations. Fantastic.
  7. I bought a 50" Vizio a year ago, very happy with it especially considering the price of around $300 after discounts. Took my time selecting the model, and picked one that had a large pool of Amazon reviews in the 4 star plus range. Some models had very poor reviews. I did not know enough about TV stats to allow that to be a big factor. Guessing if I had just selected based on price, perhaps walking into a store and picking a Vizio without looking over reviews, I might not be as happy.
  8. Success with the Alliant loan, looks like 25-30 points gained. Moved from 775-780 score range to 814 showing on TU today. Also had my newest account age past 6 months around the same time the loan reported. TU and EX AAOA 1 year 2 months, EQ 1 year 11 months. Clean file, no inquiries or new accounts in past 6 months, monthly utilization reporting under 1% but more than 0% on 1-2 cards. Could try to tweak the score slightly higher with the $2 trick, and expect a bump on EQ next month when age hits the 2 year mark. But mostly just having fun playing the game, feels good to cross the 800 mark even if it does not mean much.
  9. Who cares? The real value of this card is it's an easy non-5/24 approval that gives you $200 just for spending $500. Then, in the end, you use the AARP as an instant Chase CLI on any other Chase card you may have, unless, of course, a 3% gas / dining card is something you need. Apping this card is a no-brainer. That is exactly what I would like to do. However, with my 5 Chase accounts under the 2 year mark, I will not touch this one due to the recent account closures by Chase.
  10. Keep the Lowes card, even if limit is too low to be of use now it will grow. I received a $700 starting limit and was denied CLI request at time of approval. At the time was building from very thin file. In less than 1 year, the card was up to 35K limit with limited use, CLI requests every few months via luv button.
  11. Took another soft CLI on Platinum Reward Visa, had card 1 year 8 months. 13,400 --> 27,800. Had offer last quarter for +1,400, but did not take it. Glad I waited. At end of 2016 went from 6,700 to 13,400 on same card.

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