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  1. I just noticed that EQ and EX each removed 7 baddies early without me doing anything. They all ranged from 3-5 months of being obsolete. I'm hoping they'll do the same next month -- then I'll just be left with the BK PR across the three
  2. Amex BCE and Cap1 QS WMC for me...because they're the only two that aren't PIF'd yet (but they're getting there, and they're both @ 0% intro rate ).
  3. AotD #2: Sitting here watching Cheers. Norm mentions that he's limited one beer per half hour. I comment, "...and you think I've got a problem." Response: "You've got a problem?" Me: "I've got a lot of problems..." ...silence. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's AotD #2, or just another episode of Cheers.
  4. I've had too many this afternoon/evening. I can't tell which finger is held up there. AotD: I just thought about the rig I gave up for our first house. A '73 FJ-40... Bought it for $5k, put a few $K and a ton of work into it, and sold it for $3 to get into our first place... ...that we walked away from the house...
  5. IME, "high balance" doesn't refer to the LTV, but rather the loan amount, which exceeds the standard conventional loan limit ($424,100 in most of the U.S.). The "High Balance Conventional" is an alternative to a Jumbo loan, however in my recent mortgage shopping experience (we're looking on and off for a different second home in San Diego) the "high balance conventional" options all had significantly higher rates than their Jumbo counterparts, and were never a consideration for us for this reason. Yep, that's the HBC I was referring to. The linked PDF (which I realized after posting my second post that I'd been lead to by HBC loan info page on Fannie Mae's site) seems to imply different score requirements based on the LTV. I've never checked into a jumbo before... Maybe I should. Thanks, CV and Tigger.
  6. Good info CV Agreed -- Thanks for the reminder, CV.
  7. Not hate on my part. Self loathing for having a horrible memory maybe, but not hate.
  8. Given the size of the company I work for, I'd expect ours to be as well...but, it seems that with all things <<insert my company name here>, it's every man for himself (and his lead, manager, and skip-level). My AotD: Busting my butt for two years to make sure that my systems are alive and well, only to be told "Meh, you're doing an ok job"...then changing 5 characters in some code, and having a big hoopla made about it (i.e.: CVPs being copied on the email with kudos, and my being told today that I've been recommended for an award and promo over the change). Yes, this directly relates to my previous statement about "every man for himself..."
  9. Fajita Thursday Everyone knows it's Thirsty Thursday Everyday is Thirsty Thursday around here.
  10. Ugh, it's late and I'm tired... I realized (after posting ^^ that ^^, of course) that there is nothing in that PDF that specifically states that it relates to HBCs. OK, let's put it this way -- do you guys happen to know the guidelines, or have pointers to the guidelines, for HBCs?
  11. Background first: The wife and I were looking for a home last April/May, but we were effectively priced out of the area We'd asked the broker that we were dealing with about the "high balance" conforming loans, and she said that the rates with our scores (638 and 690 middles for the wife and I, respectively) ruled us out of a high balance conforming loan. Fast forward 4-5 months, and things have changed... My son in law has opened a business for himself (of which I'm the principal financial backer, mechanic, and my garage is the storage room for equipment). On top of that, I was informed (last Saturday evening) that I have my first grandchild on the way right, and due in the middle of when we were planning to get back on the house-hunt again . These things (combined with just wanting a home again) have gotten me back into the house-hunting game a little earlier than planned. TL;DR: I just dropped our broker an email asking about what score range we'd have to be in to qualify for a HBC loan, then I hit Google and found this: https://www.fanniemae.com/content/eligibility_information/eligibility-matrix.pdf ...now, I need some help (a sanity check, really) about what this is saying. Am I reading page 4 correctly in that a minimum middle score of 680 is needed for an HBC if the loan has a > 75% LTV? If yes, am I correct in my assumption that it applies to all applicants?
  12. Again, BT checks from Disco. Seriously? You chop my CL by more than half, then send me BT checks 17 days apart??? Also got a generous offer for a $35k loan from Proper, and a life insurance ad from AAA. All shredder fodder...which reminds me, it's time to empty the shredder bin.

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