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  1. Even though the account is charged off and closed you still have a past due balance owed on an account that had a credit limit. There's nothing illegal about that and nothing illegal about them updating it faithfully every stinking month. Inflicting the max damage to your credit reports is their tactic to get you to pay it to stop the bleeding. Ruthless? Yes Illegal? No
  2. And also. IMO arbitration should only be used if your sued not just in general.
  3. Just to let y'all know Midland just replied to a DV with a years worth of statement which included the last statement where the OC charged off the account and the interest and principal. So don't think they don't have anything to validate a debt.
  4. I had a long conversation with someone at the CFPB and was basically told I could file complaints until the cows come home and nothing can or will be done unless over 200 other people complain about the same company that is doing the same thing to others. Basically what I was told was you my dear consumer don't matter with your one little ole complaint.
  5. Things sure have changed a lot since the last time I did this in 2008. Yes, Hooters and Crown Jewelers aren't what they used to be. Hey! I miss my Hooters card lol. People used to laugh at it.
  6. What shifter said! I wish I could get so lucky.
  7. Either let the dust settle and try again in 30 days or apply for something you know you won't get approved on and use that decline to get a free credit report.
  8. He said she said. Perfect example of not having a leg to stand on when you dispute online. I cannot stress enough paper trail paper trail paper trail. Get it in writing!!!
  9. OP, you lost us. 1st you said it was the same household and same address. Then a couple of post later you just bought a house and transferred everything to a new name. I think before anyone can advise you on how to handle this can you clear that up please? And, is it direct tv or a collection agency that's is trying to collect?
  10. They can't sue it's past the SOL Well they CAN file the suit but the consumer would have a gold plated affirmative defense in the expired SOL. However, if the consumer does not raise that expired SOL as a defense then it is deemed waived and they can end up with a judgment on a time barred debt. It has happened. That said if the SOL for suit really is expired then the only letter Midland needs is a cease and desist. There is no need to file for arbitration. Exactly!
  11. [quote Yes they have. Post recession DV and PFD solved many collection issues. Now the JDBs have stepped up their game and defeating them is no longer the walk in the park it used to be. People forget that 2008 and the beginning of the recession was a DECADE ago! Yeah thanks for reminding me that I'm getting OLD!!! LOL
  12. Things sure have changed a lot since the last time I did this in 2008.
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