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  1. What I have looks just like the image Zanshiro posted except it shows all of the NFCU credit cards and says trasnfer your balance to your card ending in XXXX. I don't have and have never had the Platinum Card only the Cash Rewards.
  2. I received the 0% offer e-mail as well and I only have the Cash Rewards card.
  3. I just put in a CLI request asking for $25,000 recently with EQ and TU locked and got a hard pull on EX. It wasn't an instant decision but I did see the same day where they boosted me up from $14,700 to $22,000. Which according to the letter they sent is the maximum allowed credit limit on that card (Cash Rewards).
  4. So to update this again. NFCU double pulled me for a CLI. They somehow pulled my locked Equifax and then also pulled my unlocked Experian. I was hoping not to get a single hard pull thus the locking of EQ and TU. Only to wind up with a double hard pull for a CLI.
  5. Your report was not locked. Bc they cant do a hard of it is locked. I just checked Equifax Lock and Alert and it is still locked. I've had it locked for sometime now and have never unlocked it.
  6. An update here on the NFCU cli, so I requested one on Wednesday 4/18 and it was granted on 4/18. Then NFCU apparently did a hard pull yesterday on 4/19 based on an alert I received this morning. How can they do a hard pull with a locked report?
  7. A cli yesterday from NFCU from $14,700 to $22,000. I asked for $25,000 and it was not automatic as it went to review. Later in the day, I noticed that they had given me $22,000. There was no countering of my request for $25,000 as I had seen mentioned on here previously. I also had my EQ and TU reports locked so there was not a hard pull. From the best I can tell there was not even a soft pull on TU and I can't get in EQ to determine if they soft pulled there or not.
  8. They are up today along with an updated FICO score as well.
  9. Citi Diamond Preferred a $1500 SP CLI which took me from $8800 to $10,300. Then a SP CLI on my AMEX Blue Cash Everyday from $14,000 to $25,000. With the AMEX CLI, I have now eclipsed the $100k mark in total credit limits.
  10. I did a US Bank PC from the Platinum to the Cash Plus. There was no HP associated with it. I wound up doing it at a branch as I was told via the online chat, that I could not PC the Platinum into the Cash Plus. Within a day or two, I was able to set my 2%, 5% and 5% categories that come with the card. Then had a new card within a week or so.
  11. It took about 2 weeks for my application to get processed. That said I got in via the Navy League route.
  12. Is there anything else that I need to do at this point or just wait to see their response to my DV letter? I've also checked the KY Court records and there is no judgement against me. Thank you for your help and hopefully this thing disappears once and for all very soon.
  13. There is nothing on my credit reports (TU and EQ) that show anything related to this. No AR inquiries related to this at all. There are no odd addresses on my CR. I am not married so there is no CR to view for a wife. There is a 9 digit account number listed on the letter from the CA that when I have to Comenity/VS, I was told that the account was definitely not mine. I'm wondering if that is someone's SS#. Is this truly a stolen identity case that I need to contact law enforcement on or is this just mistaken identity on the CA's part? I just don't want to do anything to raise any red flags for my current accounts which are all in good standing. I pay off my credit cards in full every month and have a mortgage with a 100% payment history.
  14. Do I send another letter or wait to see what comes back from my current letter already sent?
  15. +1,000. Do not sign the letter. Do not give them your SSN. Send the letter CMRRR. I utilized one of Why Chat's DV letters and sent it CMRRR last night. Also I did not sign it or include any information that they did not already have (Name, and Address). According to USPS, the letter should arrive Monday. I went through the backdoor of TU and EQ both, neither had anything about this account. There was no "this debt is too old type statement" so I'm guessing that it is a fairly recent account. Whether it was Comenity or VS that I spoke with I'm not sure but they were very helpful and are of the belief that the CA is just fishing for someone to pay the bill. To take it a step further, I've never had a Comenity or any other store card. Hopefully it gets resolved with the letter I sent, if not I'll go from there.

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