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  1. I used this platform about 4-5 years ago to clean up my credit and it was a big success using all of the help from the amazing people here. However, prior to that I opened five rinky dink credit cards from the only company's that would approve me. I now have cards that are not secured and have been in good standing for a long time. My question is should I close these remaining rinky dink cards listed below because they still charge me monthly fees to keep them open? I'm tired of having to keep track and pay these fees on a monthly basis. How will closing these accounts hurt my AAoA? Thank you! First Premier Bank - Balance is $o.oo Fees per month $14.25 - Credit limit - $1000 - Opened 7 years ago First Premier Bank - Balance $0.00 - Fees per month $8.00 - Credit limit - $700.00 - Opened 6 years ago Credit One Bank - Balance $0.00 - Fees per month $6.25 - Credit limit - $600.00 - Opened 5 years ago Merrick Bank - Balance $0.00 - Fees per month 4.00 - Credit limit $1450.00 - Opened 8 years ago
  2. Just checked DW's TU & EQ reports for old PR and they are gone off both reports. I was waiting to dispute to see if they would be removed after July 1 on there own. TU up 14 points and EQ up 30 points.
  3. I'm not aping for any more cards anytime soon. I guess I could go ahead and app for either the personal loan or the PLOC. Their not going to hit me with a hard pull since it's inside thirty days still. If the SL or the interest rate is not to my liking I can decline to accept it right?
  4. Not long ago I opened an account with Penfed and was approved for their Platinum Cash Rewards Visa card with a SL of $5500.00 (Your Credit score: 738 Date: 12/09/2016). It's my understanading they will use the same EQ pull for the first 30 days. I am wanting to due some home renovations and buy some equipment for my business. Should I apply for a PLOC with Penfed or do the personal loan? What are the Pros and Cons of using Penfed? I searched here on CB but not really find the info I was looking for such as it added as a new credit line on my CR's etc. Any info anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I made the $6.35 payment about 10 days ago...payment due January 1st. Now it wont even pull up the payment screen. I got this peace of garbage a couple years ago before starting my credit repair journey. Now I'm in the 700 club across the board. Will be closing two First Premier (more garbage) cards next.
  6. I need to do the same thing as the OP to this peace of garbage card. Anyone have that thread from Men available? It won't let me post a payment online for more than the peace of S--- minimum payment due. Thanks!!
  7. Click the "CreditPulls" tab. In the second paragraph bottom line it reads: You may click here to submit your own entry!
  8. I have one and haven't heard anything from them. If it's true, maybe they will PC mine to the new AA Advantage card.
  9. Did mine to my bank account. Only took two business days.
  10. Yep...I think so too. I am going to freeze LN & Innovis for her for the EQ dispute. Funny thing is, last week when I sent papers to freeze my Sagestream report they sent me back a letter (got it today) saying they could not read the fax transmition. However, they still deleted my judgment off of EQ with LN & Innovis only frozen. So i'm going to do the same thing for hers.
  11. Just wondering if I should dispute the one she has on TU online or send in WhyChat's letter. I had mine removed last year by mailing in WhyChat's letter with proof from the county clerk that there were no recorded judgment on file against me. I read on here people were having good luck just disputing online with TU.
  12. Disputed a non-recorded judgement for my DW with EX one week ago. Just checked and it has been deleted. I used the " I have absolutely no knowledge about this judgement on my report". Now on to TU & EQ.

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