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  1. Got it. Thank you. I thought I found something.
  2. What is going on here? Can I get this removed because the DOFD is before the date opened? Or does it mean something else? Thank you for looking.
  3. She couldn't remember who it was but said she thought it might have been a utility company.
  4. A friend told me she had a bill collector once knock on her door. I've never heard of such a thing.
  5. I contacted cap one regarding the Rule 5000 adjustment. They directed me to Alliance One which is a debt collector. That is not how I want to go correct? It just called the customer service number at CapOne. Should I write CrapOne a letter? Does anyone know of a better number to call?
  6. Thank you so much! Regarding the Midland account, should I write them and find out what it is?
  7. Hi, Thanks for your response. What is a Rule 5000 adjustment?
  8. Hi, Is the process the same (verifying etc..) for new debts or should I just pay them down to get my credit improved? I want them off my credit. A friend said he could clean up my credit, but he said I have to use someone's address, i.e I need a new address, someplace I haven't lived before. That sounds shady, so wondering if I can clean it up again myself. I cleaned it up a couple of years ago with the help of this board and now it's messed up again! (sad) There are only two, CAPITALONE Account #XXXXXX Account Type Bank Credit Cards Balance $2,158.00 Past Due $2,158.00 Date Opened: 3/21/2016 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment $0.00 Payment Status Charge-off High Balance $0.00 Limit $2,000.00 Terms Revolving ----------------------------- MIDLAND FUNDING Account # XXXX Account Type Collections - non specific Balance $1,789.00 Past Due $1,789.00 Date Opened 10/11/2017 Account Status Mo. Payment $0.00 Payment Status Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department High Balance $0.00 Limit $0.00 Terms 1 Month thanks for any help.
  9. Ok, thank you so much. Will send it off and keep you updated. I really appreciate it. I came here years ago, credit was 550, last time I checked it was 750. Trying to keep it that way.
  10. This notice is to inform you that you have been placed in collections by the above-mentioned Creditor. Our creditor's record show that as of the date of this letter you owe a balance of $$$ resulting from the towing, storage, and lien fees for a vehicle which you are listed as the registered owner or interested party. The vehicle has been sold at auction or disposed of, and any proceeds have been applied to your balance due. Because of the interest and other charges which may be applicable and may vary from day to day, the amount due on the day you pay may be greater. If you pay the amount shown above, and adjustment may be necessary. After we receive your payment, in which event we will inform you before depositing the payment for collection for further information, right the undersigned or call blah blah blah. Please be advised that we may report your delinquent account to the credit bureaus. To protect your good credit rating please call us at blah blah blah to discuss options available to you.
  11. So don't send the letter? Do nothing?
  12. Former analyst - Maybe from DMV? I need to know more about Debts I did not agree to. People have brought that up, so it sounds like an avenue to explore. Also, should I go ahead and send the letter I wrote on the first page?
  13. Unfortunately, California is not on that list. Thank you for all your help. Big Thanks to alliswell & Morpheus1967 and anyone else trying to help.
  14. Collection agency is Lien Enforcement, inc. http://www.lienenforcementinc.com/ and original creditor is S and J Wilshire a police tow company, http://www.opgla.com/divisions/SJWilshireTow.aspx

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