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  1. Back in with Chase and AMEX. EQ 726, TU 721, EX 713. AMEX COs of $7,500 in 2010. Both pulled EX and TU. CSR - $33,400 (60k signup) AMEX Platinum (100k MR signup)
  2. It has been 3 years since I opened this thread and thought it was time to update as I just received my new CSR and AMEX Platinum cards. 😀 FWIW, I had previously defaulted on 2 AMEX accounts in late 2010 for almost $7,500 total and never paid. Chase closed my account back then and I eventually paid off the balance over time. I would have never thought I'd be back in a positive space credit wise so soon! I need to clean up my mortgage reporting and still have a few months to wait for my final bank late to roll off later this year. To everyone trying to dig themselves out, be patient and it will happen. 😀 Stats MyFICO Scores: TU - 721 | EX - 713 | EQ - 726 Inquiries: TU - 2 | EX - 3 | EQ - 0 Open Mortgage Account - "late" during loan mod time early 2014. Discover - CLOSED. Good riddance. This was the only card that had survived the 2012 debacle. Cap1 QS - $15,000 limit, $2 balance, no lates NFCU Rewards - $25,000 limit, $0 balance, no lates NFCU Line of Credit - $15,000 limit, $0 balance, no lates Chase Sapphire Reserve - $33,400 limit, $0 balance, no lates AMEX Platinum - No PSL, $0 balance, no lates Lates US Bank - 9/12 TU/EX Mortgage - 6-12/2013, 1-3/2014 Charge off None Collection None Public Records None Next Steps Ask mortgage lender for goodwill removal of "late" payments during loan mod time Ask mortgage lender to update "high/initial" balance to loan mod amount of the mortgage as the loan balance is higher than the original loan amount. Be patient for removal of US Bank 30 day late to roll off to get another 3 years of use from the closed account.
  3. I’m in special handling with Experian. Every month I call and they tell me (nicely) that the CO with a DOFD of 10/2012 will automatically roll off on 7/4. Today I called in and they removed it a month earlier than shared before. Yay! EQ removed my final PRA CO that was to fall off 7/1. They also removed a final late from 9/12 AND the CO EX removed. Almost fully clean other other than a few lates on my mortgage during my loan mod period and a single late on EX and TU from 9/12.
  4. TU removed the following: 1/1/19 - removed PRA with expected drop 07/19 2/1/19 - removed CO with 08/19 expected drop off EX removed: 2/1/19 - removed PRA with 07/19 drop off
  5. I have an old closed/paid bank account that went derogatory back in 2012. This is my oldest account that was opened in 1999. Should I dispute the account as too old or try to dispute as never late to get the old late payments deleted? It hasn't been updated since 06/17 on EQ and 11/12 on EX and TU. 30: 09/12 60: 03/12, 04/12 90: 05/12, 06/12 Or since these will roll off within the next 12 months, should I just sit tight and let them age off? Is the value of the old closed account worth it? Thanks!
  6. Check out Traveling Mailbox. I have had great luck with them and it saves me a step in not having to PDF my important mail. I use one of their addresses as my address on all CRA and accounts.
  7. Mine updated this week for the first time in 7 months.
  8. I went through a loan mod in 2013. My total loan mod amount is higher than my original mortgage amount. Therefore, I currently have a mortgage account reporting a balance higher than my initial (high) balance. What kind of impact on FICO is this? Also, during the loan mod period, I paid "trial payments" that were stipulated by my mortgage company. I never missed a payment. However, my mortgage company reports these as late... Any suggestions on how to dispute/address these? 623 to the mortgage company?
  9. My special handling agent at EX just deleted an entry that was scheduled to drop in September. Another one down! I also called EQ today and they said mine that were scheduled to drop 11/17 and 12/17 could be deleted the month prior. No sooner.
  10. MF fails every time I try to pull a 3 bureau report. I called MyFico and they said EQ has a fraud alert on my report. This seems to coincide with a CFPB or BBB complaint I made last year. I called EQ today and they admitted there was an old fraud alert on my report since last year and would remove it within 48 hours. I asked why they didn't notify me and they had no idea...
  11. MY fails every time I try to pull a 3 bureau report. I called and they said EQ has a fraud alert on my report.
  12. Just called TU for a paid CO account scheduled to drop 10/17. The front line CSR refused to delete. I persisted and asked for a supervisor. The super' got on and after I requested early exclusion on this account he deleted it. UPDATE: I also called EX about the same paid CO. I'll preface this with I am in special handling with EX due to a CFPB complaint. I have had some success with HUCA when I get an agent that can't delete something or wants to send me to my special handling agent. On my 3rd call today, I was able to get an agent in the US who, after putting me on hold for a moment, removed the same account due to drop 8/17. While polite and pleasant, my special handling agent always tells me he can not remove earlier than the recorded removal date listed in my report. A nice Friday afternoon success! On to the next one...

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