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  1. I don't understand this. How did she get out of default "a couple of times"? There are only three ways to get out of default, that I am aware of, consolidate (if applicable), rehab, or PIF. Which of these options has she already done "a couple of times"? Rehab is one and done, if you "re-default" too bad according to the DoEd. I would not recommend allowing a student loan to go into default just to rehab. Once rehab is complete, a new student loan trade line is issued, but the old account still lists the old late payments for 7.5 years. Good luck, whatever you do! So what I mean by multiple defaults is she is 120 days late pays, then reports as current, then she is late again. Here is what it looks like on Transunion:
  2. OK, so in order to effectively validate the debt the CA needs to prove a current business relationship with CA? At the top of page with the DV / SOL letters for paid and balance due letters there is this line of text: THIS IS ONLY TO BE USED WHEN THE HIPAA LETTER TO THE OC CAN NOT BE IMMEDIATELY USEDThis is what haves me confused at this part of process. Am i to send DV letters and wait for results while sending followup disute? PS- Thank you Whychat!
  3. When I started the WhyChat Hipaa process I had: 3 medical accounts with T/U. Two accounts with one CA with one reporting as paid and other reporting a balance. One from a second CA reporting a balance. 2 Medical accounts with both Equifax and Experian. Both were reporting 2 accounts with one CA. One with a balance one paid. 2 weeks ago started the process by sending the initial dispute letters. T/U deleted everything. The other two verified. I want to confirm my next steps: DV the CA's that are verified. Use the one letter for paid account / other letter for balance. (these are both at one collection agency) Wait for proof of receipt. Second dispute letter to CRA. If they (CA) validate then pay OC using insert (a) Thanks for any help! I am biting my nails over here.
  4. Is the next step to make payment with insert (a) directly to medical provider?
  5. UPDATES HIPAA Whychat: Transunion removed all three medical accounts about a week after I sent letters. I received a letter today from Equifax that said they have researched the two medical accounts I disputed and both have results "We have verified that this item belongs to you." Still no word from Experian.
  6. Yeah, she really doesn't have any excuse for default. So she has never participated in any program to rehab loan. Is this not really an option for her? I wish we knew when she went into forbearance again we could have just applied for rehab then.
  7. I have been following the WhyChat Hipaa method and have already started seeing results. I had all medical accounts removed from TU and am waiting for results from other two CRA. I am preparing to deal with old judgements, but will wait until I am finished applying WhyChat hipaa method. Now I have a couple of default judgements from Pressler and Pressler as well as another one from a law firm representing Capital One. I have searched the online country clerks records and there are no recorded judgements against me despite the fact that they are all showing up on my credit report. These default judgements were obtained in Morris County NJ which is in Pressler's back yard. I want to be careful with how I handle these accounts. If I were to send letters to collection agencies how would I get ceritified documentation to support my claim to CRA? Also, could this backfire and result in judgement creditor recording it properly so that it cannot be challenged in this manner? Ultimate goal is to get it off and keep it off even if we have to pay something. Has anyone followed WhyChat method for deleting judgements? It is not as detailed as the HIPAA method. Thanks and appreciate any help you can offer!
  8. My wife has a couple of collections and some negative info from a student loan that she defaulted on a couple of times. I have attached a screenshot of her payment history on student loan account being serviced by nelnet. After doing some preliminary research, it looks like GW letters are rarely successful especially for multiple late pays. I was reading up on the loan rehab program, but this does not look like it is an option because my wife is currently paying as agreed. I am having trouble finding a clear strategy for her situation. If my wife defaults again on payments is there a way to rehab loan and get all negative info removed? Is this a wise strategy? Any other options? We can afford to make payments now that we are both working so that's not the problem just want to minimize its impact on her credit score. I appreciate any help or guidance offered. Thanks and will keep posting updates.
  9. Hey Creditboards, I recently sent IC systems a dv letter in regards to an old utility account they were collecting. They responded with a letter that says "accept this letter as confirmation IC will no longer pursue collection of this account and will return it to OC". What should my next steps with this be? Am I safe doing nothing? I am assuming OC will just send it to another collection agency. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. I sent my original dispute letters re all medical accounts 8 days ago. Equitable shows a pending dispute, transunion removed all three listed, and so far no word from experian. I will keep posted on what happens next. Thanks! Ps - removals shot my trans score up 35 points
  11. I had read somewhere that mailed credit disputes need to have a copy of photo id attached as well as the date of birth. Should I include DOB on credit dispute form and include copy of DL or is this unnecessary?
  12. Thanks kimbachelle, I just wasn't sure if I posted under one of my old threads if I would get a reply. Your awesome thank you for all the help
  13. I have my three handwritten letters in hand written envelopes. The guide tells you to send via certified only with no delivery confirmation. However when I went to PO they told me I can send certified either RR or with electronic delivery confirm. Am I asking for wrong thing or were they just mistaken? Should I send with electronic delivery confirm? Or should I just get certificate of mail sent from PO. Not sure what to get here very nervous about making mistake. I am going back to send later today so I just wanted clarification. Thanks CB!

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