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  1. Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, I do not have any paperwork. I know I should have kept it, but at the time I wasn’t thinking about it and didn’t want a lot of junk laying around. I had this removed before from a CA (Amsher). I still have that credit report that I pulled when it was with Amsher and they had a DOFD of 7/2011, but now Convergent is showing DOFD as 11/2012. I am thinking that this account is from 2011. My credit reports were ordered from Free Annual Report.
  2. I have a T-Mobile Account from 11/2012 on my credit report. Convergent is the CA. I requested Validation and they sent me a T-Mobile Statement that says $402, but on my credit report it shows that I owe $348. What to do next? Please help
  3. Ok, thank you so much. I will try this.
  4. Thanks for reponding. The debt amount is $402. The only thing they sent me was the statement from Tmobile, but I am not sure if that is considered validation. No, they did not state that it was past the SOL or could no longer sue. Only the CA is reporting to all 3 CRA's. The OC is not reporting at all.
  5. Hi, I sent Convergent a letter to request validation. Today I received a letter saying they validated and sent me a copy of a Tmobile statement. This debt is out of the SOL. What is my next step to take? Thanks for any help
  6. Hi, I have been working to repair my credit, and thanks to Creditboards for helping me with this. I have a question about mortgage approval. I have heard that when applying for an FHA loan they use the Median score. Each CB has its own score. Say for example, My Transunion is the Median score, will they only require me to pay off collections on the transunion report or all reports? I ask this because some of my collections are not showing on all of my reports. Thanks
  7. I have some retail card collections on my Credit Report. They are all from the OC of Synchrony Bank, but they were all placed with different collection agencies. The DOFD is 11/2015 which is still in the SOL. I live in South Carolina and I think the SOL is 3 years. That means I would have to wait over a year to fight this. If I was to start fighting them now, do you think they would try to sue me if none of them are over $800?
  8. At first, It all seemed overwhelming. I just kept reading and reading. Finally, I decided to just try it and that was my first, quick result. That motivates me to keep going.
  9. This is the collection I had: Collection Agency: Amsher Collection Service OC: Tmobile Amount: $402 DOFD:7/2011 I sent them this CMRRR: My name Date Re: Acct#xxxxxxxx Amsher Collection Service 4524 SouthLake Parkway Hoover, AL 35244 Dear Amsher Collection Service, This account is showing in my credit reports. I dispute your claims in their entirety and request validation persuant to the FDCPA. My Name They sent me a letter back today saying this: Dear Brandy, Amsher Collection Services has requested the removal of its reporting on this account from the Credit Bureaus Equifax, Experian, Transunion, and Innovis. If you need further assistance, please call 1-877 blah blah blah. Lol I am excited
  10. Hi everyone, I created this account a long time ago, but never got around to cleaning up my credit. Now, I have officially started my journey. I have a paid/closed medical collection that is a little over 5 years old. I disputed it through the CB, but it came back as "Remains". What should I do now?
  11. Ok, Thanks for the answers and links.
  12. My husband has some EMS bills that were sent to collections. The bills were paid off a year or so ago, but they are still being reported by the CA as unpaid. What can he do to have these removed or updated?

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