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  1. I would insist on speaking to a credit analyst to explain what the problem is. And if that fails, I would insist on the card being closed by you, before it expires. Maybe go try for another big card before anything shows up from Barclays on your report, then let Barclays twist in the wind.
  2. Congrats, Kona! Now you have to start prodding Kohls, because that limit is a smidge on the low side for the rest of your limits...
  3. well, it's a $30 debt to you. to them, it's quickly turning into several thousand bucks if they keep their crap up. Now, you said earlier, they provided somewhat adequate validation, so you offered a PFD, which they threatened in return. I would say "look, your validation is not adequate. an itemized list doesn't blah blah. to resolve this matter amicably, i offered to pay you and only ask that delete the $30 account from the CRAs, to which you responded with extortion and threats. I now am unwilling to work with you on this matter. in fact, i demand deletion and a payment from you in the amount of $2000. $1000 for each violation or I will file suit and let you explain yourself and your laughable practices to a judge." So, this does fit as extortion? By saying I am unwilling to work on this matter anymore with them, will that not get me in trouble, ala full C & D? Overall, that is just what I was thinking of, I am just worried at the results. Should I send this to that VP, or to their "resident agent", which in their case is their President? ETA: Oh, and should I just keep it short and sweet, like that, with some filler, or say, "you are in violation of X, X, and X?"
  4. Well, I got my reply to the DV2 from these yahoos. Sent copy of same validation they sent the first time. No threats, or anything interesting. So, I am ready to act on the threat letter, and if necessary, sue them. So, I have the letter mostly written, and have found their VP from their corporate filings. I just need to figure out a few things. Based on the threat letter, listed above, I see two FDCPA violations: From what I have read here: http://www.lectlaw.com/def/e073.htm, what they sent would also be considered as extortion, because To me, that fits with their statements, especially since they have not provided proof that they have the right to collect.. Do you all agree with my interpretation? If so, then that is also 18 USC 876d - For a little over $30 debt, this is ridiculous, but they are refusing to cooperate, in either providing proper validation, or in agreeing to my settlement offer. So, for my letter to this VP, should I give the violations, or what? Really, I just want to scare them into a deletion or a PFD. Should this letter be the ITS? Should I do anything like I have read in a few of these letters, to say that these violations carry fines of up to $1000 each, and I would accept a check for $XXXX along with a deletion of the account, and no passing the debt anywhere else?
  5. I noticed in your siggy that your INQS on TU dropped to zero from 3, but those on EQ remain the same (4). Did the hards on TU fall off due to age or to B*? Also for Frontalot, how is PM compared to TC in terms of benefits besides the note that it allows 2 pulls per day? B* all the way...
  6. Weird, I just started an investment account with Pacific Life Funds through my bank, and there was no credit pull anywhere, and the account is open and set up now.
  7. Personally, I will always keep SW for the ficos. I get them whenever they change as included in the service, no $15+ per score. I have TC and PM, and when I get things cleaned up totally and just need maintenance pulls for *b, I would be inclined to get rid of PM, because I think they are harder to read, that and I have not noticed the supposed "second pull" for TU showing up anywhere on my real CRs, which has me inclined to think that they merge together. Just my 2 cents. 99 more replies, and you could get yourself a cup of coffee or a soda...
  8. You can't dispute the INQs w/ EX, but you can still send a non-PP letter to Elan, right?
  9. So, did the furniture store accounting balance out to $0 at the end? Did the furniture store forget to notify the OC, or was this the OC's fault?
  10. I like that, but I thought you were never supposed to use email, since it can be faked?
  11. Why Chat, Thanks to you, I did my dispute as shown there and on another post of yours. I did the letter handwritten messily, with teal ink on mint green paper with "flecks" of color throughout the paper. I save copies of everything as proof, so I scanned this letter on my scanner several ways to see how legible it would be. The best copy I could get for myself was still very hard to read, and I doubt a computer could OCR it for sure. I was pretty happy to get 2 out of 3, but am still going for that third. I have been searching the board for PR letters, but am not sure which tack to take. With the CRs, I am a "strong" letter writer, not "showing all of my cards", but making sure they realize I not going to be pushed around. Not sure about the CRAs. So far, I have been straightforward and simple. This item still has the dispute notations from when it was disputed in 12/2004. It has not been touched since, either by myself or the CA. It would seem that since the CA is not playing with it, and that it has been over 2 years, that it would be in their "harder to verify" archives, and be an easy delete. If only TU would just try instead of looking at their D*&% archive tapes. So, should I keep the civil, simple tone in this next letter to TU, or "hit 'em hard"? Thanks for the valuable information as always. D-Rora
  12. I would never give a CA anything other than a DV, PFD, ITS, or my middle finger...
  13. My point to you was to have as much physical proof as possible to have a strong win. You say they never marked the account in dispute. Do you have copies of the CRs during the time they should have had the accounts marked in dispute? Just make you stack of paper against them as big as possible. That is what I am doing with several things.
  14. Kind of seems like you are jumping the gun a bit here. Have you read the FCRA and FDCPA with these clowns in mind, and found their violations? Will they be easy to prove in court, or are they iffy? Do you have a strong papertrail, not just a few green cards and letters? To me, I would want a more "airtight" case before I went to see the lawyer. Unless you feel lost, in which case, you should be giving some details and asking for help here, I would have everything ready for the lawyer to just file the few papers, send the scary lawyer letters. First off, lawyers are expensive. If you point him in the right direction with good research, you save him time, and you money. Second of all, a lot of these lawyers have bad reputations, meaning that having a strong case BEFORE you see the lawyer limits how bad the lawyer can screw things up if he does not end up being a good one... Third, they CAN sue you. They just can't win, if you show up and use your SOL affirmative defense. That is not to say that they might try and "fudge" things and get a default judgement against you. Just my 2 cents...
  15. Well, I just received my investigation results from TU. CRs are looking cleaner by the day. The third item not removed was verified, but according to the report, was verified on 12/2004. I have to admit, I had figured they would actually try and do something to verify this really or delete it, but I guess not. So, I know I need to send a PR letter. I have searched the forums and found a few, but they were rather old, and I know things do change, so has anyone sent a PR letter recently with good effect? The item in question is old. Over 6 years for sure. It is a collection account with National Credit Systems for an alleged rent messup the OC never fixed, and would never cooperate on. It started out that they were trying for over $3k (not a chance it was true), and eventually just changed to just under $300. Last date reported on the CRs is the same date that TU supposedly verified, 12/2004. As old as this is, I really just want the CRAs to delete on all three due to obsolescence, which I thought would be easy since there has not been a peep from the CA for over 2.5 years... So, couple of handwritten PR letters to TU, and if they do not cooperate, nail 'em? Not afraid to sue, either.

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