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  1. 700 may just be a number, man does it feel good when you reach it tho.
  2. I can tell you what I did. I had a charge off with American Express and paid it. It didn't affect my credit right away points wise. It did however look better than it did with a balance. The co was from 2011. I pif in early 2016. In July of 2017 I decided to check the Amex prequal site. To my surprise I was prequaled for the 3 cards. Applied and was approved for the BCE. So my advise would be to pay it and take the Optima card. It will look better on your reports and help rebuild your relationship with them.
  3. Topics such as this are one of the main reasons I keep coming back to this site. I love the credit advice. But now that I have that pretty much in order I'm looking for Lifetime Financial Advice. Really Love the idea of traveling free. Because of advice from this board and others Already lined up a family vacation in March that will be fully paid for through sub's and cashback.
  4. Had this happen a couple times. Always makes me nervous. I pay it anyway. Just in case.
  5. I'm sure it was matched to your ss #. I got back in earlier this year after having a paid co back in 2012. Too bad they aren't backdating the open date on the credit profiles anymore.
  6. I don't think the new tradelines will hurt too much, would they, I have an AAOA that's pretty good with just about as many older accounts as newer accounts. just hadn't seen enough about them to know if they will approve 2 in one day. As Shifter said, the general consensus I have seen is that they are conservative. But I swear I remember reading somewhere that someone got 2 accounts at one time.
  7. I don't see a lot of discussion on here about US Bank. I have finally qualified for several of their products and was just wondering if it's possible to do a 2fer like we used to do for cap one. Thinking of going for the cash+ and maybe one of their business cards. Any thoughts.
  8. I already checked that out, There are several good limitis but also several low limits. From what I've read, I guess it really shouldn't matter since they do SP credit line increases. Wonder if I dropped a couple thousand in a CD with them and then gave it a couple of months if that would help with the relationship aspect.
  9. You are right, No baddies, I was able to get my last two removed early today from TU an util is 2%. I have several accounts in the 20k range. What are the chances theyll come close to that wil a starting limit.
  10. Got a score jump on TU today. Wondering what my chances are with US Bank. I don't have an existing relationship with them. My average age is about 5 years and my oldest account is about 15 yrs. I know the only way to know is to apply. Just wanted to see if there were Any thoughts or suggestions.
  11. Awesome, how early did you get them deleted. I'm at 7 months. Tried today. Got a big fat " not yet" Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  12. Couple questions about Lowes and ways to get the best deal. I am planning on buying some appliances over the weekend. I am a Lowes card holder and a Military veteran. If I make a purchase this is what I'm thinking I should be able to do. Fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave. Aprroximately 3000. 3000 -300 (10% miltary discount) 2700 -135 (5% for lowes card users. 2565 + tax Now on to my questions. Is it possible to use the military discount and on top of that stack the lowes 5% card discount. I've also heard that I could use my Lowes card for like 50 dollars of the balance and still get the 5% discount for the whole sale and then use a rewards card for the balance and get cash back too. Does all this sound feasible.
  13. ^^^^ BOA will if EQ,EX on ice.[/quote Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I'm probably blacklisted for life or at least a very long time. Sucks tho, would love me that MLB rewards card. Am I understanding this to believe you are blacklisted by BOA? I burned them good, but I'm back in after 8-9 years or so, with a decent limit (at least by my standards). TBH, I haven't tried. I burnt them for over 50k in business accounts. Maybe once I'm all clean, I'll get brave and see what happens.
  14. ^^^^ BOA will if EQ,EX on ice.[/quote Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I'm probably blacklisted for life or at least a very long time. Sucks tho, would love me that MLB rewards card.

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