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    Reading (creditboards.com), writing (letters to clean up my credit), my kids, home decor, cooking/baking
  1. Congrats on the deletion! You are inspiring me to get back on the road to credit repair. I'm in the very low 500s right now, though i've improved over the past 3 months. Keep plugging away and keep posting, you never know who you'll help
  2. Thanks for posting this. I am eligible as well
  3. OK, now I understand your question Having grown up in SW Atlanta (which is where the house I have under contract is located, currently living in the West End)...I would say to be wary of the housing market where you are looking. The area is in desperate need of revitalization. The infrastructure has issues (as does most of the city) and the schools are not great. The homes are generally well built and on good size plots but the increase in value that one might expect is not at all guaranteed. There has been quite a bit of mortgage fraud in the West End area which has led to inflated pricing. As an example the house I am currently renting is probably valued at 200K...but the owners want $300K for it since other West End house are LISTED (but not selling) for that. The Camp Creek marketplace shopping area has been helpful for the southern end of Campbellton road, as it gives people ready access to grocery stores, restaurants, etc. The end of Cambellton Road near Greenbriar mall has not been as well developed however. There isn't a hospital within 10 miles and there is only one anchor store (Macy's) in Greenbriar. If you can find a really cheap one (less than $150K) that you can put $10 - 15K into and then sell for $200K then that might be worth it. I think that speculating on growth based on the way mini-mansions are priced might be a little too hopeful at this point for that area. this is strictly my personal opinion, i have no real estate or investment backgorund...my only qualification is being an ATL-ien
  4. I just put a contract on a house, have a recommendation for a FABULOUS home inspector if you need it. Have been very pleased with my mortgage guy...Not sure what you're looking for exactly...best wishes though
  5. Congrats & thanks for the giggle
  6. i havebeen having this problem since Saturday. I called customer service Sunday and they said that they would have to reset something and it would take 2 days. I tried again last ngiht and still got the message.
  7. VERY helpful! Thanks so much for this
  8. Congratulations to you!! That is so wonderful, wish you all the best in getting settled
  9. Congratulations!! I am so excited for you
  10. Thanks OP!!! I appreciate it
  11. Just FY... I sent email to all the people listed a few posts back becasue i have one paid collection and one that I need DV on, got the following message: This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. annethomas@cavps.com jennykrowe@cavps.com Will let you know what response I get fromthe other emails.
  12. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you Enjoy your new home
  13. Thanks Cedric I will take yoru advice on gathering all my financial info and presenting it to WAMU. Interesting (and not in a good way) about that fee just for them to look. Interestingly, for most of 2006 I was paid w-2, changed to 1099 after I decided that I WASN"T buying a house. In 2005 I was 1099 for exactly half, W-2 for the other half. Total earnings about $100K. This is actually baby #3 for me; she will be joining a 7 year old sister and an 11 year old brother (who was not happy about having ANOTHER girl in the house ). He has a great relationship with his stepfather though, and he goes to an all boys school so I think his male bonding is taken care of ) If you have any loan officer selection criteria, questiosn to ask when talking to them...I woudl really appreciate that. When I bought my houses before I listened to my builder and went through her contacts and it wasnot the best experience, believe me. I wasn't quite clear on on your comment onthe FTHB programs...is this not a good time to try and participate in them? Thanks again & have a Terrific thursday!
  14. Hello I work as a contract technical trainer. I am also a GA corporation. I have been getting paid 1099 to my business and then writing myself a check that gets deposited into my personal checking to handle my expenses. Well, now I would like to buy a house and I am wondering how to present my financial information. I bank with WAMU for business & personal accounts, thinkiong of going with them for mortgage as well. I have been in the same field for the past 12 years, sometime as W-2, sometimes 1099; GA corp since 2000. I would like to buy the house by July, current FAKOs show me in the low 600s. I can get my utilization down over the next 2 weeks, not looking to let anyone pull credit till mid-April. I will pull FICOs first, just so I'll have an ideaof what I am looking at in terms of loan rates. Looking at homes priced under $225K. I will be staying in this house for at least 10 years (baby due in May so after this move I will have other things to spend money on). I bought two houses in 1998, haven't been a homeowner since 2001. Wondering if i can qualify for first time homeowners programs or downpayment assistanc programs? Before taxes I make about $11K per month, so after taxes about $8K. car loan with no lates for almost 3 years, 2 medical collections, 2 paid collections, one utility collection i am disputing but could pay if required ($1k) I appreciate any assistance that you would care to share abotu how I should proceed in loan shopping.

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