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  1. I added my daughter to two of my cards (a Cap1 and Walmart card) as an AU as soon as she turned 18 this past June..she’s a freshman in college...an application came for a Discover IT student card a couple of weeks ago and she was approved for $500..I signed up for CreditCheckTotal for her to check her scores and they are all over 760 now!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I haven't posted in a while but I had to stop by and give credit where it's due..When I found CB back in Aug 2015 my credit was a MESS!!! After staying up late hours reading post after post and following the advise and processes here I am happy to announce that my husband and I closed on our DREAM home on Thursday!!!! It took 2 years and 2 months to go from 500s FICO scores across the board and several baddies to being approved for a mortgage.....Even when I wasn't actively posting here, I was applying EVERYTHING I've learned and pushing forward!!! I can only hope that this will inspire someone who is at the beginning of their journey...it may seem impossible now, but with discipline and dedication it can be done!!!! Now the mission is to continue to build our credit portfolio and letting our cards to earn us money!!! Thanks so much for everything Creditboards!!!! You all rock!!! Links to my credit journey https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=547317 https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=580476&hl=
  3. How so steelers1? Do you mean just having it as a safety net? I'm an independent contractor and I want to be using my accounts in a way that benefits me best....
  4. If you do this, what would happen it you have already paid the balance? Would it autopay 0? I like the idea of having a safeguard in place for cards just in case you forget a payment date
  5. So I called Experian and had the rep look at my report, and compare it to December 2nd when the OC inserted the bad info and December 9th when they removed it after my CFPB complaint. Then I had him look at December 31st when they reinserted the bad information again. I also read to him the response to the CFPB complaint from the OC where they blamed Experian...He seemed to kinda be in disbelief and he kept putting me on hold but he would check and thank me for my patience..he said he an analyst looking at it also. He came back and said they had changed the DOFD and added 3 years to how long the TL should be on my reports..I told him I knew that..he said "they can't do that" I wanted to yell I KNOW, but I was very polite and let him process it all...he finally said that he was submitting a dispute to them and he was updating the notes on the TL to reflect what he had found when researching the trade line. I was hoping he would just say screw it and delete but I knew that was a long shot..hopefully the OC will correct it and leave it alone..I'm waiting to hear back from the attorney also to see if she thinks I have a case to sue since they seems to be deliberately doing this. I'll keep this post updated just in case in the future someone else has a similar issue.
  6. so I have a 17 year old who will be 18 in June...i should add her now?
  7. I'm sooooooo close to having only student loan lates as baddies..I know I have to wait those out and I won't be truly clean until they fall off but I want to at least get to the point where those are the only negatives I have, but I need help with the situation below.... Long story short I have a CO trade line and the OC is updating the payment history and making it appear as a new CO. They added several months of "pays as agrees then a new 30, 60, 90, CO...this also changes the date the TL should fall off my report so it basically re-ages it. It also changes the time since last late payment from 18 months to 1 month. I lost 28 points on Experian when it happened in December..I filed a CFPB complaint and they fixed it and I got the 28 points back. This month they reinserted the same information again and I lost 23 points and again it added 3 years to the date it should fall off..this is only happening with Experian....in their response to the CFPB, the OC blamed it on Experian and asked for 60 more days to investigate why they were charging me interest by not sending me statements (I mentioned that in my complaint also) so as of now, I have to wait the 60 days... I called CFPB after it happened again this month and they told me to open a complaint against Experian for reporting inaccurate information...I haven't done that yet as I'm contemplating my next move...I feel like this account must be set to update with that bad info monthly but how can I avoid having to fight to have it corrected monthly?...is there a way to play the OC and EX against each other since I have written proof that the OC blames EX for it? Do you think Experian would just delete it since the OC says it's their fault? If they did delete it would it just reappear the next month? Should I consult an attorney about it? Help please!! The other two are collections where I paid the OC instead of the CA and they are not deleting them...I think I have one on the ropes and the other is ignoring me..lol..I have a consult scheduled with an attorney...I'm hoping a letter from the attorney will make them decide it's not worth the battle...I've discussed one in pinned post about paying the OC so I won't rehash it here.... Thanks in advance to anyone who offers advice!! CB rocks!!!!!
  8. My scores were similar a year ago....Do a secured card with them....I did one with $500..I used and PIF monthly and after the 13th statement they graduated it to unsecured and changed the limit to $2000. I did a CLI and they made it $5000. A month or so later I app'd for a 2nd card and I was approved for 24K and a 15K CLOC at the same time.
  9. yes..I'm waiting for a reply from them... 10 days are probably up, they are waiting to hear from your attorney It hasn't been 10 days from when I sent it but I have 2 phone consults set up with attorneys on Tuesday...
  10. Just app'd for my husband..he has 680 with 0 baddies and perfect payment history across the board on EX but high UTIL...he also had 0 inquiries on EX so I thought it was worth a try if the product could be changed to a better Chase card in the future...I got the 30 day message....I'll report the results....
  11. curious to see how it works out because I am in a similar situation
  12. the OC could have forwarded your payment to them and they could have processed it that way? did you get a written receipt from the OC? YES! A reciept and they sent me a letter stating I paid them with the date on letterhead after I told them the CA wouldn't delete. I think the CA is just being an flowers so I may have to pay an attorney to send a letter....
  13. I agree with the attorney angle... I just researched a few in my state who deal in consumer and credit reporting law. I plan on calling them tomorrow.
  14. Thanks for responding..I'm just seeing this! The part I called fraudulent was the CA making a receipt on their letterhead of the payment made and they sent it to me. Of course it didn't have a payment method or anything on it because I didn't pay them....I will reply using your template and report back!!! Thanks for the help!!!
  15. hello I have mentioned this a couple of times before but I a CO account reporting that is from the difference from a vehicle I totaled and what the insurance paid. I had GAP insurance with the OC, but they basically had me jump through hoops to have it applied to the remaining balance and eventually stiffed me and said that I owed them. The balance is $2288. The DOFD is 3/13. Recently the OC has been changing the information that they are reporting. They showed me going from a CO to Paid As Agreed, then 30, 60, 90 day late and CO again. They were doing this on EX and TU. I lost 27 points on my EX FICO when they updated on the 1st of December. I filed a complaint with the CFPB and the BBB in early December and they corrected how they were reporting. It was corrected on both TU and EX. There wasn't a drop in my TU score and my EX score went back up 27 points. In their response they only mention EX. See below: ACA has initiated an investigation of the complaint, and we have determined that there was an issue with Ms. ______ Experian report, which was due to an error on the part of Experian, rather than ACA. ACA has confirmed that it is reporting accurately to the Credit Reporting Agencies and that Experian has corrected its error as to ACA's trade line. Attached are copes of ACA's response to a credit dispute received via E-Oscar from Equifax on 10/21/2016 and two AUD Updates, dated 11/02/2016 and 12/7/2016. With regard to the other matters raised in the complaint, ACA is still in the process of finalizing our written explanation. Accordingly, we are unable to complete our written explanation within the 15-day period from the filing of the complaint. We will submit a final explanation within the additional response period of 60 days after the filing of the complaint. Well they updated the account again this month and put the inaccurate information back in on my Experian report. I lost 22 points on my EX FICO this time!! I just called CFPB and they said I could file a second complaint against Experian for reporting it incorrectly. What would be the grounds for that? Anyone file a CFPB complaint against EX before? If Experian deleted it would it show right back up next month if it's set to automatically update? The first complaint against the OC is still "In Progress" because I stated in the complaint that they are increasing the balance (interest) but I am not receiving statements. Any suggestions on how to proceed? They are basically making this CO look new by adding Pays As Agreed for several months then going back to CO.
  16. If the OC still owns the debt, then you best option is to pay or settle the debt. When you do this you most likely get a bump in score. Plus there are other benefits in having the CO paid. Negatory, ghost rider. A paid CO has the same FICO impact as an unpaid one. The score benefit is the OC will stop updating the TL, and as it ages, it will lose a few points in three or four years time. But that's negligible in comparison to the 30-40 points that the CO is costing you - paid or not so just ride it out in this case JeffeVerde? I have one that updates monthly but it only seems to effect my EX score....
  17. Hi ICAN..this is the response to a complaint I filed with the NC Board of Insurance on of the collection agency...how should I respond? I also sent the CA your letter.. Ms. Daniels – thank you so much for bringing this matter the my attention. Here’s the synopsis of what has transpired on this account: The account was placed with ONLINE Information Services for collection activity on 6/11/2013. We reported it to the credit files as delinquent and unpaid on 8/12/2013. We have never had any direct contact with the consumer. The balance in full was paid directly to the original client (Duke Energy) on 10/21/2015. At that time we mailed a Paid in Full letter to the consumer and reported the debt accurately per FCRA guidelines as “Paid in Full, Zero Balance”. This is not fraud and or a violation according to the FCRA and FDCPA. In fact, it is being reported accurately per FCRA guidelines as “Paid in Full, Zero balance. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly. Regards, Paul J Lengyel Compliance Manager ACA - CCCO
  18. What do you mean free passes? Is EX just dropping them? Yes they are! I have to co-sign what BigPoppa is saying about EX dropping them...I read where he said it a couple weeks ago, so I disputed a judgement on DH's reports and TU and EX both dropped it...I froze LN first for good measure but one way or the other it worked!!!!! Thanks for the info BigPoppa!!!
  19. Damn I use mine monthly max it out and PIF and it's been stuck at $300 for 2 years.... Myabe they just don't like me...
  20. Remember DCU uses EQ Fico 04 AKA your mortgage score OP listed Fico 08 scores DCU doesn't use Fico 08. BigPoppa, where can I find that score? I don't see it on MF.... Its on MF it will be listed as your EQ beacon 5 score the one thats says Fico score 5 and that it is commonly used for mortgages is 637...that may not get me in :-/ U should get a decent rate give it a shot! I already did but I haven't heard anything back..it wasn't instant so now I'm worried..lolWith them it's never really instant just give em a call and see what they say. It was a NO from DCU but a YES from USAA!!! Go figure....lol...I've been a member for 15 years and never really app'd for anything there but it's where I do all my main banking and I have all my insurance through them so maybe that's why it worked in my favor!!
  21. I'm pretty sure I read on here somewhere that they aren't doing the 2fer anymore but I'm not 100 percent certain on that....
  22. Remember DCU uses EQ Fico 04 AKA your mortgage score OP listed Fico 08 scores DCU doesn't use Fico 08. BigPoppa, where can I find that score? I don't see it on MF.... Its on MF it will be listed as your EQ beacon 5 score the one thats says Fico score 5 and that it is commonly used for mortgages is 637...that may not get me in :-/ U should get a decent rate give it a shot! I already did but I haven't heard anything back..it wasn't instant so now I'm worried..lol
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