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  1. I rotate my cc debt to maintain 0% interest (the 3% fee is better than paying interest since I can't pay it off.) I recently transferred $5000 to my Discover card and now need to put $420 for car repair on a card. Does it make any difference if I transfer the $420 to my B of A card rather than add to the balance of the Discover card? Both B of A and Discover have 0% interest and will charge a 3% transfer fee but B of A's minimum payment is 1% and Discover's minimum payment is 2%. I should be able to pay off most of the $420 in a couple of months, but I would rather make smaller payments on the B of A and get the Discover balance down. Thanks for your time. 733 credit score, Unemployed, 17 accounts, 20 year length of credit, 10% revolving utilization, 0 missed payments, Delinquency comes off in 17 months
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  4. 2013 cars - same make, same model even same color. They have between 31,000 and 42,000. The 3 certified are $1800 - $2000 more than the "used" -and it has the lowest mileage. The $50 difference in monthly payment would cover my car insurance. I know what a "certified used" car is, but I have no idea if it's worth $2000. (And if the car that's not certified is somehow worse than the cars that are.) Thanks! mileage is 31,000 to 42,000. oops.
  5. Update: I ask how they arrived at the payment amount because it seems mathematically impossible. "Oh, well we use a loan calculator."That's what I've used and I come up with $580 monthly." "Well, which calculator were you using?" I used YOUR CREDIT UNION CALCULATOR, I used the the link from YOUR LOAN APPLICATION." "Let me check." Puts me on hold - "Oh, I see what happened, the person who called you with the approval included loan protection for you" "Really?" "Yes, it's always a good idea. If you're disabled or die your payments are covered." "Please remove it - I have disability insurance and if I die I won't care if you get paid. What are payments now?" "$580.46" Un-forking-believable, I knew I'd need to be on my game for car price negotiation and signing loan documentation, but didn't think I'd get runaround as early as receiving approval. Thanks a lot - again - for your input. Where do I put my application approval info? Creditpulls?
  6. They must be adding something somewhere and I'm sure were going to tell me about it at some point. I will ask as soon as I can actually talk to someone. Thanks for your help. If something like insurance were added to one's loan is it usually optional for a borrower to purchase it? And in general practice is a loan's rate tied to whether or not a borrower purchases things such as insurance that might be added to a loan?
  7. Same length for both - 48 months. Can the CU tell me that the 1.55% was only on a loan that includes the insurance they've added and quote a different rate for same amount and terms without it? Is CL & AH ins usually mandatory? (Which doesn't really make sense because I already have life and health insurance.) I wonder how they would think I would not notice that the payment wasn't mathematically correct.
  8. I emailed asking exactly what the payments would be and the Credit Union confirmed that their loan of $27,000 at 1.55% would have payments of $629 (it went up). And that's with automatic withdrawal. I spoke with the other lender and they confirmed that on their loan of $28,000 at 3.7% my payment would be $629. And that I was approved up to $50,000 at that rate for a used car 2009 or newer or a 2008 with 100,00 miles or less. Can I opt out of the "packing"? Is it illegal in California? This credit union has been my only bank for over 15 years. My checking, savings and mortgage are with them and I'm disappointed that I'm having to research their offer because something is fishy.
  9. My CU approved me, over the phone and now via email, for $27,000 at 1.55% for 48 months. On the phone the rep told me my payments would be $625 a month. Every calculator I can find tells me that the payment on above would be approx $580 or that for a payment of $625 a month at 1.55% the loan amount would be $29,000 or that a payment of $625 a month for a loan of $27,000 would have 5.3% interest. I was also approved for $28,000 at 3.75% for 48 months with a payment of $629. What am I missing? Is 1.55% not the "real" interest? I was so happy to be approved but now feel like I've missed something vital. Thank you.
  10. I won't get the lowest rate, but in deciding which of 4 credit unions to submit loan application to is comparing the lowest rate each offers a good way to choose? Or should I just apply to all? (Not that it matters, but the 36 month rates are 1.85%, 1.74%, 1.61% and 1.47%. ) And now for something completely different: Do I ask for an amount or do they just tell me how much I can borrow? Should I pad the amount I ask for? Thanks.

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