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  1. What state are you in? In Texas, RBFCU gives money out like crazy and loves new Credit building citizens.
  2. Anything negative. Collections, late or slow payments.
  3. I talked to a rep with MSC and they have a new system and it's not reporting automatically anymore. There's one person that updates all credit now, she in and out, but it's best talk to her to get a manual update done. 1-800-753-7997.
  4. Blake, were you able to get Supplyworks to report to DNB? Where did Amsterdam report for you ?
  5. Quill reports quarterly. So you should look for that to post around Sept.
  6. Supplyworks told me they only report to Experian at the 1st of the month, but they don't report to D&B.
  7. Fed Ex reports to Experian. They usually require 90 days before they do a net account.
  8. These are all cards without a PG. Supplyworks has very diverse product selection. Grainger - Paid -$500 Gempler's - Paid - $500 Quill - Paid -$500 Uline - Paid - $500 Amsterdam -Paid - $500 limit MSC - Paid - $500 limit Supplyworks - Ordered - $1000 limit Strategic Network Solution - Paid Monopolize Your Marketplace - Paid Venturelogix - Paid

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