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  1. Is that correct? So the accounts can be listed as charged off, late payments recorded every month, and full balance still shows as owing? Both account are showing missed payments EVERY MONTH, even though the status says charged off. I know they will eventually fall off, but I asked for help in getting the accounts off of my reports now.
  2. I have 2 First Premier credit cards that were charged off. These are the last bad entries on my report, and they are really holding my score down. One was opened in Jan 2015, last payment made in April 2016, charged off with a balance of $474. The other was opened in April 2016, last payment made July 2016, charged off with a balance of $881. The accounts are both still listed under First Premier, and they are listed as charged off, but also have a balance due listed. I know this is wrong, but don't know what to do to actually get them off of my report in a way that doesn't negatively impact me. What should I do to get rid of these 2 accounts, other than pay them off? I cant pay them off unless I charge it on another card (super bad idea, I know). Ideas? Help? I don't want to do the wrong thing and reactivate the timer. Thanks
  3. I tried to GW the 1 late payment, they wouldn't budge. I am looking at paper copies of my reports. My credit scores are obtained from Credit Karma and Experian, which I know may not be accurate, but which I am watching for trends in my scores. I am pretty sure that First Premier does still own the debt. They show a 0 balance on both accounts, and in the payment status is shows charged off, but in the payment history, it shows a CO payment every month, up through last month (Oct 2021). I will look back through my paperwork to make sure of this information. I am afraid to call them, afraid I will say the wrong thing. Is there any info here that talks about pay for delete? Is that even possible with First Premier?
  4. I have 2 old First Premier credit cards that were first delinquent in July 2016 and April 2016. My credit report shows a CO for payment history every month. I really don't have the money to offer a full payment for both ($1352), and I don't want to do anything that re sets the clock, but I really need them off of my reports. I have 4 years of 100% perfect payments on 3 credit cards (except for 1:30 date lay back in 2018), car loans, and now my mortgage for 18 months, but my score is still below 600. It must be these 2 old accounts that are keeping it down. Help?
  5. Is there a benefit to applying with an in person broker or bank as opposed to an internet application?
  6. Okay, I can pay the Credit One off now. How long should I wait before we apply? And is it better to apply with a local broker in person, or one of the websites?
  7. VAloanmaster, Thank you for the information, it has been very helpful so far! Is there any advantage to applying with a local broker or bank as opposed to applying on line? (Rocket Mortgage or Quicken Loans, or one of those)? By advantage, I mean helping us with smoothing the credit challenges or concerns. I am about ready to choose a lender and get started, but I don't want to "waste" any hard pulls on our credit, I want to use the pull(s) wisely... Thanks again!
  8. Indigo card has 0 balance with only 300 limit. Credit one has $364 balance with 500 limit The Oregon Community Credit Union credit line has 0 balance with 500 limit Such tiny limits, I know, we had to start somewhere... :( Thank you for your input
  9. There are 4 unpaid (4 yr old ish) collections accounts. I am unsure whether to pay them or leave them alone for now. They total about $2,000. He has 2 credit cards and a line of credit at our credit union, as well as 2 car loans, all current on payments for the past 12 months, except for 1 car payment. I just paid off one credit card, so his usage shows as 28% of total credit. We have Discover card free score 621 (Experian Fico 8), Cap 1 602 (Trans Union), Credit Sesame 602 (Equifax), Credit Karma has 602 for Trans Union and 591 for Equifax. Your thoughts on mortgage pre approval within 30 days?
  10. As an Army veteran, my husband qualifies for a VA loan. We have an option to purchase the home we are currently renting. We feel that the owner is going to list the house for sale if we don't get a mortgage going pretty quickly. We have improved my husband's credit scores from a 505 in December 2017 to a 609 this month. Is there a broker or company that will work with this credit score? Gross income is about $11,000 per month. Is there any difference as far as assistance in qualifying (rapid re score or tools like that to help us qualify) between internet and face to face applications? Thanks for any constructive input from this group, we appreciate it.
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