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  1. I saw other mentions of SDFCU in another thread. But I don't see how people are signing up for a State Dept Fed Credit Union card unless they fall under one of the companies or family members that are eligible. My work does not fall in any of those categories. The state is Nebraska. Loaded: where are you doing your 3 bureau monitoring that it is only costing $25 a month? That seems much better than the $45 to $60 I was seeing. So far the consensus is to get the Fed removed (and finish paying State obviously) but what should my immediate or next steps be to start the repair? Should I try and get an Open Sky or SDFCU secured card and then wait 6 months and try to get another one? Or a store card somewhere?
  2. Loaded: The liens are recent. The Fed one was just paid within the last year and the State one is still being paid right now. The State should be paid in the next few months I think. There are no other baddies on the report other than 3 credit pulls last November from Insurance companies for some reason. I don't know what my Fico scores are yet. Are there any places cheaper than myfico? $45 to $60 a month seems excessive to keep track or monitor them...... I saw the 20 percent off thread but it still seemed high.
  3. Rogue: I explained it (and asked the Mods to merge it or delete it) in the other thread. I started the thread.... and when I hit post the site gave me an error message. I went back and rewrote everything and tried again..... when I logged on later somehow they both had gone through. shrug? I'm not sure why it happened.
  4. So it might be better for me to wait until the state is paid in full? Or in reading through the Major card list here it seems like Open Sky doesn't do a credit check so maybe I can get a secured card through them. Is there any secured CC that will say let me put $1000 up front and just have a credit limit of $1000? Also can any Mod combine this with my other thread please? When I first tried to post it gave me an error message so I started another thread. And then when I logged back in they both had gone through..... Or we can just delete this one since the other is getting more responses.
  5. That is good to know !! Thanks!! I don't suppose there is a State version of that (or it probably varies by State?).
  6. How do I get it withdrawn? Won't it just show as paid?
  7. Our combined income is around 100k before taxes and we have no cards, no mortgage, cars are paid for, and no other loans etc. So with only bad credit but a decent income should I even take a chance at a secured card that may pull our report? Or is Open Sky our only option? Or where should I start the rebuilding process?
  8. Yes you are right. There is a lot of good info there. I read that thread before I posted this one. Open Sky was the only one I saw that didn't pull any report.... so I was leaning towards that maybe. But never having done this and having no cards currently I didn't know if I should try and go for one of the better ones and give a larger initial up front payment? Or if I should just expect outright refusal with how bad my current credit is.....
  9. Hi there Newguy here. My wife and I would like to buy a house in the next year or two (if possible). We had a number of bad years.... and ended up with 100k in Fed tax liens and about 9k in State liens. We paid the Federal and it shows as paid on the report. We are currently paying off the State. I was trying to figure out a way to start rebuilding our credit as quickly as possible (I know fast and credit don't really go together). With the previous paid lien and the current 9k unpaid would it even be possible to get a secured card? I'm sure we could put a decent amount of money up front if need be..... Any direction or guidance is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi there. New guy here. My wife and I would like to buy a house in the next couple years ((if it's even possible ) or as soon as possible). We had a number of bad years and ended up with 100k of federal tax debt and about 9k or so of state. We got the federal paid off and are working on the State tax. Both Fed and State filed a lien. So the Fed shows as paid on our report but as we wrap up paying off the State taxes I was wondering what the best way was to try and start to repair our credit? I have a bank acct with U.S Bank for the last decade or more but no CU acct. If I put a deposit down and applied for a secured card with my current credit standing would I even stand a chance at getting a secured card? Or what is the best way to start rebuilding? Thanks for any direction and advice.
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