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  1. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to a 0% for 12 e.t.c. but I planned on paying as I make the transactions.
  2. I'm going to start making some of the purchases in a week or two and then into summer.
  3. Yeah i may have to look at apping more than one. I don't read any of the credit blogs. Just here. I just wanted to stay away from any with small opening lines. Unless it has an outrageous yearly fee i probably won't close any.
  4. Or i guess any good promotions or sign up deals going on right now? Regardless of initial purchases?
  5. I may be making a few big purchases this summer. New riding lawnmower, lots of landscaping materials, and others. Ranging from 2 thousand to around 10k for one item. I figured it might be worth checking out current promotions for initial spend. My current cards are Amex (blue?) 35k, Discover 30k+, Capital One, 30k, Barclay ring 20k+, citi. Simplicity 12k, Chase saphire 20k, and a 10k wells Fargo that won't grow.
  6. I personally don't think it is a matter of skin color. I think it is a matter of upbringing and knowledge being passed down. I know for a fact it isn't just Black or Hispanic people renting because they can't get a mortgage.... there are plenty of white people who only rent too. It is because in the poorer communities they are not taught the save and plan mentality that previous generations had learned. Out of all these broken homes so many didn't learn the basic fundamentals of economics, banking, and protecting your credit.
  7. That's weird.... I didn't think this was your thread. Didn't Ivy start the thread?
  8. Yeah I probably should add a CU to the stable at some point. I joined NASA a couple years back but they turned me down for the card at the time. Penfed would probably be a good option. I may wait and see how this most recent one affects my AAOA first. I think it might put me just under the 2 year AAOA.
  9. Well, while I waited I ended up going for the Chase Saphire Preferred instead. They gave me a 19k starting limit. No complaints.
  10. Honestly mostly just diversity at this point. I don't churn or really maximize my cards as much as I could or should. But if in a few years there is another down swing where credit gets tight again I figured having a broad portfolio may help limit the devastation. Also to help lower utilization in the meantime as well.
  11. Or what else should I look at? I have 2 Cap Ones, 30k Amex, 30k Disco......
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