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  1. Quick question, I have 8 medical collections with 1 CA and 1 medical collection with another CA on EQ and EX, should I dispute ALL medical collections at once or should I dispute 1 CA at a time??
  2. I​ apologize for not responding sooner, I wasn't notified of your response. Thank you for the extra​ "hand holding", It is very appreciated and very much needed- sadly. lol This morning I was alerted from myFico that EQ updated my name (maiden to married) and EX has placed a fraud alert on file, this is good- yes? What exactly does it mean when a fraud alert is placed on file? It only stays on for 90 days, correct? ​Today I will be getting my disputes ready to go out Monday. Fingers crossed this will be a success! ~Thanks again! ​
  3. Have I not been following the guidelines?? I was only on the 2nd step - deleting old addresses, so yes, I have been following the guidelines. As I stated in my original post, this process has me extremely confused, I am brand new to this and it's a bit overwhelming when you're not exactly sure how it all works. I wanted to make sure I was correct, CRA's is where I thought they were being sent, double checking and triple checking if I have to. The last thing I'm going to do is make an unnecessary mistake because I didn't ask questions and the end result being unsuccessful. When you have read these pages over and over again, it sorta begins to run together gets even more confusing, you begin questioning yourself on everything and the most obvious answers, don't seem so obvious anymore and you end up making things more difficult than it actually is.
  4. Hi everyone! Quick question, is this information still current even though it is from a few years back? Thank you!
  5. Yes, you can get your dispute letters ready, however please remember that even if all the CRAs do not delete old addresses, you can still send the disputes. Deleting old addresses makes it easier to get rid of old accounts, but it is not essential. Okay- where can I find a sample of the dispute letter that will be sent out? Are these disputes going to OC,CA or CRA's??
  6. Letters for address deletions were sent out yesterday, so now I sit and wait. While I wait, can I get the next step ready to go, that way when I get the results, I can get the next step out the same day. ~Thank you!
  7. Update..... After some back and forth, Enhanced Recovery is deleting their account from my credit file. I received an email today letting me know that it could take up 45 days for CRA's to update. Success!!! Thank you!
  8. Debt is out of SOL, however; I found the debt when I pulled my CR, there has never been any communication between the CA and myself. I know because I didn't have communication with them via collection letter or phone call, there was no 30 day period, so they are under no obligation to respond. That is why I did the PFD, but still no response, which led me to contacting an executive, who is the one asking for my information. I sent them, name, last four digits of my social security and the partial acct number listed on my TU report. Yes, they verified CRA AFTER receiving my dispute letter.
  9. DV letter signed for in Feb of 2015 Live in NC To my knowledge credit report is correct Yes, disputed after no acknowledgement from CA, result was verified I do not know whether they own it or was assigned, as they refuse to answer any communication. Does this help?
  10. The first 4 numbers of the acct number are on my credit report, the rest of the numbers are x's and I haven't received any letters from them, they also failed to respond to DV letter.
  11. Do you think if I gave them my name and last four of social security, that would be enough?? Yes, they have submitted to the CRA's. But, they are asking me for that info to "locate" the account.
  12. Hi everyone! I have been trying to offer a PFD to Enhanced Recovery, I have tried 3 times and they have failed to respond each time. It was suggested that I go on the website and contact one of the executive's via email, so I did that giving them my name, they emailed me back needing additional information; Current address Social Security Number Full Name Maiden Name Copy of Credit Report I gave them my name listed on the account, but that was all. This was their next email to me, "Thank you for your continued interest in resolving this matter. Unfortunately, we often have multiple accounts with similar names or locations. We have located more than one account that could be associated to the information you have provided. The request for more information is to simply narrow the results down to your specific account. You may contact a general representative at (800) 617-0049 if you feel more comfortable giving the information over telephone or have additional questions." My question is, what would your next move be in getting this account removed??? By responding with all of their requested information, I feel like I'd be giving them all the required info to make an account. I did tell them that if they couldn't provide me with the account then they had to remove the account from my credit file. Thanks for the advice!
  13. DO NOT dispute "hards" . You are mistaken, a checking account opening inquiry IS a legitimate "hard" Thank you for correcting me!! I thought because it says in the description of the hard inquiry, loan or line of credit, that opening an account would be a soft. Learning a lot from you guys!
  14. I forgot to ask, I have 2 hard inquiries on one of my CR's from my bank when I opened my checking account, when it should have been a soft inquiry, as it wasn't a loan or line of credit request, would it hurt me to dispute them with the request for deletion of addresses?

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