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  1. Hello and thank you!!! When you have a free moment, please send me the name of this business. Many thanks!
  2. http://www.startribune.com/u-s-bank-rolls-out-small-biz-credit-card-minus-the-personal-guarantee/230293881/ This is dated 2013,so I don't know if it's still around. Hope this is helpful (says the guy who went from a 660 to a 720 using CBand is buying a house- woot, woot!) Gots to pay it back!
  3. Any thoughts on which mobile phone companies report to DNB, biz Experian, or biz EQUIFAX? Which one is the easiest to get with a minimal biz credit file? Thanks! The
  4. I submitted a request for validation (not verification) through the CFPB and received the following response: "the consumer has been sent numerous written correspondences, all fully compliant with the FDCPA. The consumer never responded or disputed this debt; however, the consumer did dispute his credit reporting, which we properly verified to the credit reporting agencies. The consumer's social security number and date of birth was verified." I requested that they send written proof that I owe them the debt. Any other suggestions? Many thanks, Jonathan
  5. THIS IS JUST AN IDEA - I HAVEN'T TRIED ANY OF THESE YET. It would seem like Amazon and Walmart might be good starter accounts (especially if you already have them for personal accounts). I wonder if there is any correlation between the Credit Pull database for personal and business accounts... Just a thought...
  6. I started this credit journey in September with a 610 credit score. Many letters later and judicious applying for the RIGHT card (thank you Credit Pulls Database!) and I'm now at a 720 and I found a lender who will help me with a mortgage. I declared BK 7 in 2010, but the bank just foreclosed last year. I kept running into the two year "seasoning" requirement. Well Veteran's United has dealt with this issue and I'm almost pre-approved. Also, I've found the credit reporting agencies incredibly responsive when you submit through the CFPB website - no more Certified mail for me! CFPB delivers the message so the CRA can't say they never received it! Anyway, I'm SOOOOO grateful for this site and everybody that contributes. Keep on, keepin on gang!
  7. I called a hospital to get a detailed bill and they said they could not confirm my SSN or phone number. Additionally, they do not have the correct address. Does the collection agencies have to prove that they have these items in order to have a valid bill? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Just had a successful application with Cap One Quicksilver. My score was around 680 and I used an e-mail address somewhere on this board - sorry, but I don't remember where it is - I've looked. Anyway, just received an e-mail for $10,000 Qucksilver card. This more than doubled my limit. There's no place like Creditboard, there's no place like Creditboard...
  9. Just a quick update (and to let folks know that this stuff works!) I've just received word that Transunion deleted two collection accounts! The BK is still on my report - unsuccessful ... so far. Hoping to have one of two IIBs deleted soon as well. It's amazing what can happen when you ask for a COMPLETE ACCOUNTING of your mortgage/credit card! Question for everyone: I still have Experian reporting the two collection accounts. They refuse to investigate as it was "previously verified." I've attempted to search the boards without success. Any thoughts on how to get around the "previously verified" answer?
  10. Hi gang! I'm starting the long process of requesting validation, etc. I saw one post that had the following verbiage to question a BK, "US Bankruptcy court records do not list Social Secuirty numbers (SSN). I would like to know how CRA keeps verifying this account, etc" Does anyone have a link to that discussion thread? Many, many thanks for CreditBoards!
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